How Long Does Waxing Last

How long does waxing last?

Not surprisingly, you have decided that you are tired of being known as the guy with one eyebrow around the office. A few weeks later, after the jokes have calmed down, and you are shaving your uni-brow for the 10th time, you start considering alternatives:

1. Continue shaving it: This is too time consuming, and too short lived.
2. Have an Operation: This is too expensive, although it lasts forever.
3. Wax: This is relatively cheap and somewhat painful, but how long does waxing last?

For this discussion it is worth noting that this information is applicable to nearly all types of waxing, not just on the face. In this day and age people are having nearly all parts of the body where hair is present waxed. This includes armpit hair, chest hair, back hair, and private areas as well.

For your unibrow, the first time you wax, the waxing should last for 2 weeks before any real sign of hair starts coming back, however depending on how thick and dark your hair is, it may only be another week or so before you need to wax again and it will seem to grow significantly quicker during the third week and fourth week. It has been found that heat increases the rate at which hair grows, so during the summer hair typically grows back at a faster rate than during the winter or colder months. One great advantage of waxing, however, is that as time goes on the areas where hair is waxed will regrow lighter and sparser, so the effect of waxing will last longer each time. For women’s legs, particularly very light hair, it is possible shaving may not even be needed after an extended period of continuous waxing sessions.

You will also have to wait until the hair is long enough to wax again, so even if you wanted to have the smooth look and feel of a fresh wax, you would still have to ideally wait around at least a month, since the most effective wax is done on hair that is a roughly quarter inch or more.

The bottom line is that waxing is a great alternative to shaving, and the more you do it, the less that hair will show. So the answer to “how long does waxing last” really depends on if you’re asking now, or asking after your 5th appointment!