How Long Does A Sinus Infection Last

After getting a sinus infection, the question that lingers on most people’s minds is how long does a sinus infection last? A sinus infection is also known as sinusitis. The suffix “itis” means an inflammation. Sinuses are hollow spaces, filled with air, located behind the bones of your face that lead to the nose cavity. Therefore an inflammation or bockage in any of these hollow areas will lead to a sinus infection

The mucous membrane lining of sinuses is the same as of the nose. Sinusitis is often referred to by doctors as rhinosinusitis because inflammations of the sinuses and of the nose that is rhinitis happen at the same time. The infection from a bacteria, virus, fungus or result of an autoimmune or allergic reaction may cause inflammation. How long does a sinus infection last depends on the type of sinus and the real cause of the infection.

There are four main types of sinusitis based on how long a person’s symptoms have been present. Within these categories, there may be more specific types. Each type of infection has its own symptoms and signs. Below are the four main types of sinus infections with an explanation of how long does a sinus infection last.
– Acute rhinosinusitis