How Long Does Airbrush Tanning Last

Who doesn’t want their skin to glow like the flawless bronze silk? Science has come up with many ways to provide everyone with the facility to not be left behind. Getting silky smooth skin is no longer a dream when there is Airbrush Tanning available in the market! What is airbrush tanning, you may ask, or how long does airbrush tanning last? We have compiled some useful information in this article to make you familiar with airbrush tanning and help you find out that long does airbrush tanning last?

Airbrush tanning is a type of sunless tanning that temporarily gives your skin the shine and color of bronze. It is made from organic material that is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). This complex molecular structure is abstracted from sugar cane and that is why there are almost no side effects of this treatment on our skin. It does not matter that long does airbrush tanning last when you get perfect skin. You will definitely want to go again to get your body the glow that it deserves. The proteins present in the top most layer of our skin along with the amino acids work with the DHA to give the bronze tinge to the skin making it look impeccable.

Airbrush tanning beats the UV tanning in such a way that with the all natural substances used in airbrush tanning, there are no potentially harmful side effects at all. The airbrush solution uses ingredients that are anti aging and have rejuvenating properties protecting skin from getting wrinkles or cancer. But it should be kept in mind that airbrushing does not protect you against harmful rays of sun. You will still have to apply some sunscreen before going out. If you are pregnant, however, then you will need a doctor’s written approval. Although there have been no side effects to pregnant ladies till the date whatsoever, but it is still a basic requirement.

To elongate the time for long does airbrush tanning last, it is recommended that you avoid using lotions, moisturizing creams and any other oil based scrubs or exfoliates before coming to get airbrush tanning done. Avoid wearing makeup or deodorants to elongate the time for long does airbrush tanning last. During tanning you can wear whatever the requirement of the tanning centre is but afterwards, avoid wearing tight clothes and bras and socks so there are no lines made in the tanned skin from the elastic or wires in them.

Now the most important question that long does airbrush tanning last? An airbrush tan will last for about 7 days to 10 days depending on your skin type and your care of the skin with following the instructions for post-tanning care. The tan sheds off when you skin exfoliates and gets rid of the tanned layer of skin. If you follow processed for skin exfoliating then the time for long does airbrush tanning last may get minimized for you! You can use St. Tropez Body moisturizer or Gradual Tan lotion to elongate the life of your tan and stay sexy for a longer period of time!