How Long Does Henna Last

One thing I can guarantee is that when the henna is being applied on your hands, it looks extremely beautiful making you think automatically that hey, how long does henna last? Well the answer to this question is unveiled in full details in this article. So keep on reading and give your pretty hands some rest.

The time for how long does henna last depends on many factors which include the type of henna you are using. There are many cones which fade away after 3 to 4 weeks but there also happens to exist such henna cones which last only for a week or two and then start to get yellow and fade. Other factors which will decide that how long does henna last are the exposure of your hands to the water, the type of soap that you use, the place on your body where you have gotten the Henna design made and the ingredients that contributed to the Henna paste. Therefore if you and your friend got a henna tattoo at the same time but yours started to fade after 1 week and her tattoo is as fresh as new, don’t be too upset as there are many factors which you can’t control.

The thing to learn before learning about how long does henna last is the mechanics of henna. We use it to stain the most external layer of skin of our body. If the henna leaves were good enough, the staining will be deep in the layer making the tattoo to last long. The things used that exfoliate the skin where henna is applied weakens the staining and eventually remove the stain from the body making the tattoo disappear. The potent those products are the quicker henna is going to fade away. Experts also advice against coming in contact with water for about 12 hours after henna is applied. You will also notice that the time of how long does henna last taken by external side of your hand is longer than your palm of internal side of hand. This happens because we use our palm for everyday works and the exfoliation happens at great rate in palm than on the exterior side of hand, making the henna in palm disappear sooner.

There are many techniques which were invented by our elder generation to elongate the time of how long does henna last and that includes using of oil. Oils contain an ingredient named terpenes. This ingredient helps the stain to get more permanent and increases the quality of the tattoo made out on your body with the help of henna.

The best thing about henna is that no matter what your skin color is, it is going to look amazing on your body if it is done with some experienced hand. The women of subcontinent also get a long lasting henna stain on their hands as the Caucasian ladies in west get! Or the Murphy’s law can kick in here and get you, a fair skinned lady, the lightest of the shades but that is only because of the factors mentioned before. Henna doesn’t discriminate at all!