How Long Does A Colonoscopy Take

How long does a colonoscopy take? Well for that you must know what colonoscopy is. To have an inside picture of your rectum and colon colonoscopy is used. Thought it provides with set of benefits that colon cancer tests other than colonoscopy don’t, it do contributes to negative aspects. Generally surgeon demands for colonoscopy to asses symptoms such as rectal bleeding, abdominal pain or change in bowel habit. To screen colorectal cancer, colonoscopies are used for this too. It is a test that presents with view of large intestine from inside. With camera on top a flexible tube is inserted to capture rectum and colon from inside is the procedure of test. Its abilities extend to trim off tissues and polyps samples.
How long does a colonoscopy take is usually around 30 minutes, but the span may extend if polyp is discovered and removed. Before the start of operation the patient is provided with painkilling drug (Normally via vein) to make the patient comfortable and drowsy in-between the operation. There is a chance of patient being awake but will fail to figure out what so ever procedure is going on and may forget everything in future. Majority of patients are fully conscious before they depart for home after the test. The patient is asked to be positioned on one’s side while knees bended and draped to cover. Before the beginning of test and afterwards, patient’s breathing rate, heart rate and blood pressure is monitored.

Digital rectal exam (DRE) is conducted before the beginning of procedures. Lubrication is implemented on colonoscope to make sure the ease in inserting it to the rectum. When it reaches the rectum, the colonoscope is proceeded all the way cecum (colon’s beginning). Urge of bowel movement can be felt when colonoscope is dragged or further forced up in colon. To overcome any possible unease long deep breathe gradually via mouth is handy. How long does a colonoscopy take may vary if tumor, gigantic polyp or something other irregular is witnessed! A bio can be examined for that purpose. A tiny bit of tissue is extracted outside with the help of colonoscope. The tissue gets a glance to conclude whether its cancer, consequence of inflammation or a non-cancerous (benign) growth.
Virtual colonoscopy also known as CT colonography is performed in one special ward with CT scanner. Now the question is how long does a colonoscopy take if it is done virtually? Well in that case it takes around 10 minutes. Patient is solicited to have a contrast solution earlier than test aid ‘tag’ any leftover stool in rectum or colon, which makes it easier while looking at test images. The patient is asked to stretch out one thin table and that begins the CT scanner’s part, one flexible small tube is in inserted into patient’s rectum. To expand the colon, make sure it provides with better images air is forced with the tube. The table is glided towards the CT scanner, during the scan the patient is asked not to breathe. Couples of scans are taken; one whilst the patient is on his/her stomach and the other on his/her back. It takes around ten to fifteen seconds in general for each scan.
How long does a colonoscopy take depends largely on the type of procedure the doctor will perform. You have to make sure that you ask the doctor questions like why does he want to do a colonoscopy, how long will it take, what are the preventive measures required.