How Long Does Spotting Last

How long does spotting last?

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and scary experience for any women. One of every pregnant woman’s greatest fears is to find out you are spotting. This sends panic immediately throughout your being that there may be a problem with the pregnancy. However, in more cases than not, this is perfectly normal. When you are experiencing spotting one of the main things you want to know is how long does spotting last?

The American Pregnancy Association states that between 20-30% of pregnant women will experience slight to moderate spotting during pregnancy. Minimal vaginal bleeding lasting a few hours at a time is common during the first trimester of pregnancy. Asking a professional how long does spotting last can be a good way to ease your mind, if you are concerned over your pregnancy and most often the answer will be that spotting will completely go away after the first trimester (roughly 12 weeks).

Bleeding can occur for numerous reasons, most of which are not serious. Spotting in early pregnancy can be caused by implantation bleeding. This occurs when the egg implants itself into the uterine wall. Sometimes when it is implanted some of the uterine lining will be shed, thus causing the spotting. Usually the length of time this type of spotting will be around one to two days off and on for maybe a few hours a day. Sometimes it is so light women do not even notice it.

Although spotting is not always a sign of miscarriage it can be one sign of it. Around 50% of women who experience bleeding during their pregnancy will have a miscarriage. Most miscarriage happens during the first trimester of pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can also cause bleeding; however, with this it is usually heavy and associated with pain. So, more than likely if all you are experiencing is some light spotting, a ectopic pregnancy is not occurring.

Spotting usually does not occur for more than a few days, and is light in its nature. More often then not, spotting does not indicate a problem with your pregnancy; however, it is always a good idea to go see your Doctor. If it is being caused from an infection within the cervix for example then antibiotics will be in order. If it is caused by one of the more serious incidents then they will need to see you then as well. So, if you are experiencing spotting giving your Doctor a call is always a good idea, especially if you are experiencing any pain.