How Long Does Hair Have To Be For Extensions

The best part about being a girl is that you can experiment a lot with your hair. You can keep it long or you can keep it short. You can also add volume to it with the help of hair extensions. And not just volume, you can alter the style, color or look of your hair too! When it comes to playing with extensions, sky is the limit! But this might make you think that how long does hair have to be for hair extensions. In this article we will cover this question and many other topics related to hair extension.

First of all there are many types of hair extensions! You can sew them in, you can clip them in or you can just glue them to the scalp, so you have many options when it comes to applying hair extension. You can get the clip on or the sew in extensions into your hair at home but this process takes a lot of time and you end up being bored and do the last few extensions very lazily which often ruins the other perfect ones. Your best bet is clip on extensions which are not only very easily to apply or take off, you can also get a great variety in terms of color and material. For clip on extensions, the time for how long does hair have to be for hair extensions is about medium length.

If your hair is very short you can still get hair extensions fixed in it but you will need the help of a professional and unless you have a very close friend or sibling or anyone who knows how to do it, or a lot of money, the answer of how long does hair have to be for hair extensions for you will be shoulder length. Shoulder length hair would just do fine. When you put on the hair extension you will notice that there is a definitive gap between your hair and the hair extension that you have applied. The technique and time spent will be on hiding the gap so the extensions don’t look clipped on.

The hardest part of applying extensions is to hide that you have applied extensions and for this you will need your hair to be blended in well with the extensions. Of course, when you get it done with the help of an expert, you are already paying for the gaps to not be visible. But if you have decided that your hair is long enough for how long does hair have to be for hair extensions and you can make them blend in yourself than we say go for it!

The cost of getting the hair extension depends upon the material of hair you are using. If you are using human hair then you are definitely down for at least $500 only for the hair. And if you are getting a professional to have them applied on you, then you are going to be few thousand dollars short in your bank account. So now that you know that how long does hair have to be for hair extensions, go and get some synthetic ones and enjoy your long hair!