How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Body

How long does alcohol stay in your body?

When wondering “how long does alcohol stay in your body,” it is important to figure out what exactly makes up one part of alcohol. A commonly used formula proves to show that for each part, an hour is needed before the alcohol is no longer detected in the body. The general factor of a unit would include half a beer, or a small glass of wine. Though this formula seems pretty straight forward, there are many different elements that could impact the actual time needed for the alcohol to exit the body.

One element that can affect the duration that alcohol is in the body is a person’s weight. The weight correlates in a manner with the higher weight groups taking less time to rid the body of the alcohol. The reason behind this is that heavier individuals have more body mass, therefore the same amount of alcohol in their bodies would make up less of the mass than someone with lower body mass. Another factor associated with weight is a person’s metabolism. Those who have a quicker metabolism will usually rid the body of the alcohol at a quicker rate.

Along with the type of body you have, your gender and age also can influence how quickly your body removes alcohol out of its system. Those that are in their early 20s through their early 30s are able to get rid of the alcohol at a faster rate than those who are both younger and older than them. When it comes to your gender, males have been shown to get rid of alcohol faster than females. The reason that males are able to do so faster is due to them having more of the dehydrogenase enzyme than females. This enzyme helps to break down and rid alcohol from the body.

How long does alcohol stay in your body is dependent on many other factors as well. There are several other factors that are associated with alcohol that do not have to do with how the body is made up. Surprisingly, your mental health can actually have an effect on how long the alcohol stays in your body for. When one is searching “how long does alcohol stay in your body,” they may be surprised to find out that the amount of food consumed before the alcohol consumption can also have an effect on the amount of time the alcohol stays in the body for. A larger amount of food can increase the amount of time it takes your body to extract the alcohol. When you eat, your brain sends out a message to help the metabolism speed up. So if alcohol is consumed while the metabolism is still at a high rate, the body will be able process the alcohol at a faster rate.

Though there is no one formula that can be used to determine how long does alcohol stay in your body for, the basic formula can be effective as long as all factors are taken into consideration. Knowing how long does alcohol stay in your body for can enable you to make safe and lawful decisions when choosing to get behind a wheel or participate in any other activities that may be affected by alcohol.