How Long Does Cosmetology School Take

The most common misconception with respect to the study of cosmetology is that people who study cosmetology can only provide services for hair. But the truth cannot be any farther from this. The study of cosmetology covers all the features that constitute the beauty and hygiene. Hair services are just one part of the deal, or you can say that it is just one subject in the entire curriculum. Other subjects include make up, nails, waxing and skin services. But this makes one question to arise, how long does cosmetology school take? Well, the answer is in the next part of this article!

First of all you need to know that there are three ways a person can study cosmetology. You can just go to a normal cosmetology school, or you can join a vocational school, if not apprenticeship. The time frame to complete your cosmetology course varies with your choice of institution.

It is the institution which will decide how long does cosmetology school take. It can finish in 10 month or it can take 18 months. The condition of job, i.e. if it is full-time or half time is also a factor which will decide how long does cosmetology school take. Also, if you have taken many absences from the class this will just elongate the period of your studies delaying your course from getting complete. Many states require you to have at least 1500 hours of training to get the degree of a cosmetologist. These hours are divided as 30 hours training per week and the performance of the student will be reported timely to State Board of Cosmetology by the incharge or the person sponsoring the person in training. If you are going to study cosmetology in high school then the answer is different to how long does cosmetology school take. The high school will offer cosmetology as a part of their vocational programs and will take a course of 4 years to produce well created cosmetologists.

There are many advantages of studying cosmetology from these aforementioned institutions. You can appear for the state licensing examination in your respected state and get the license within 2-3 weeks via mail guaranteeing you the liberty to get a job in a reputable salon or even open your own salon and earn extra money all the while making many friends as people love them who can make them look fabulous! So no matter how long does cosmetology school take, the outcome is very fulfilling and satisfying!

The only thing you need to consider while opting for one of these institutions to study cosmetology is that, do not consider how long does cosmetology school take, rather focus on which program suits your routine and budget better. If going to a high school is getting out of budget then apprenticeship can be your choice. If you are a high school student who is a freshman and about to start, make sure you have enrolled yourself in vocational programs so your love for hair is polished to make you get paid off it.