How Long Does Mystic Tan Last

When beauty is combined with science and technology, nothing is impossible! You can not only alter the way you look, you can now even change your skin color to the most beautiful tan without going through a bit of pain at all. The trend of getting a tan has gained massive popularity in no time and more and more people are opting for it but many ladies often wonder that how long does mystic tan last? In this article we will explain the mystic tan, its mechanics and that how long does mystic tan last?


First of all let us understand what is so mystic about the mystic tan. Mystic tan is a skin tinting process which can do wonders in less than a minute. It will spread on your body a color so natural looking without the help of UV rays with the help of MageneTan™ Technology. The formula used to spray the tan consists of quick start bronzers mixed with tanning solution enriched with aloe Vera to ensure the smoothness and health of your skin.  There are nozzles in the tanning booth with polarize the tan once it passes through them and transform into tiny magnets which utilizes the magnetic powers of the body to spread and spray the tanning solution to all the body parts that are exposed to it. Once the tan begins to darken after 4 hours, then starts the time for how long does mystic tan last. Usually it takes 24 hours for the tan to reach its final color.

The time for how long does mystic tan last is 5 days to a week. Unless the skin exfoliates on its own then the time will vary so it depends on your skin that how long does mystic tan last. The mystic tan does not turn your skin into an orange shade like most tanning lotions do. Instead, the smart technology used in the booths ensure that equal amount of tanning lotion is sprayed throughout the body so after the full coloring of the skin, there are no darker or lighter patches but just a uniform flow of beautiful tanned body.

If you worry for things other than how long does mystic tan last for example what if mystic tan affects my feet, hands or fingernails then don’t be! You will be provided with a barrier cream that becomes an obstacle between the tan and the body part and protects the part f the body from the tan’s tinting. In the same way, there is no such thing as sun protection when you use a mystic tan. Unlike melanin tan, mystic tan does not provide protection against harmful UV sunlight rays.

The good thing about mystic tan is that it can be used by everybody for any occasion. You can get it a day before your big day be it wedding, convocation, party or any other event! It will never disappoint you as it has proven to work on skins which have been declared as hard to be tanned.  So within minimum price as low as $25, you can get priceless beauty of the most elegant tan ever.