How Long Does Makeup Last

Most of the women drain their money in buying their favorite makeup products. They forget that hanging their favorite makeup products are doing no good to them. Every makeup product has an expiry date; they turn bitter after that and then they have to be discarded. If the makeup products are kept even after the expiry date, they have more chances of infestation. The question arises how long does makeup last? We can get a better answer of, how long does makeup last if we will discuss each makeup product individually.

First comes the concealer. It has a life of two years and if you use it daily then it will last up to six months only. Once you open the concealer, the concealer oil will visibly separate with time. Now comes the powder. This makeup product does not have a very long life as well. It can last up to one and a half year only. One has to be careful about the sponge that has been used with the loose powder. Using one sponge throughout the shell life of powder will prove not to be skin friendly. Make sure you replace the sponge after couple of months. Use makeup cleanser to wash off your sponge. Toss the sponge off if it becomes unusable.

Liquid foundation that has an oil base can stay up to 9 months only. It has same rules as for the powder. The sponge should always be kept clean and dry. Foundation that has a water base last for 6 months also. Another makeup product is the eye liner. This product requires more protection. It has a life of more than twelve months if used with care. Eye pencils last up to twelve months only. They should be sharpened regularly and should be used often.

Lip liner is just like eye liner. It should be used within six months. Eye shadows can be easily kept for many years. If they are used every day then one should discard them after 12 months. The most commonly use makeup product is a lipstick. The consistency of lipsticks is reflected through scent and consistency.

Mascara has the shortest life span, just 3 to 6 months. It depends on the brand. Mascara is susceptible to dryness and air exposure. The life span is also reduced by pumping of the brush. This process injects air into the mascara bottle and makes it dry out quickly. They also lead to bacterial growth. Hopefully this article has given you the answer of, how long does makeup last. You can even find out more about how long does makeup last from your beauty consultant.

Always see the expiry date of all makeup products at the time of purchase. This reduces the chances of ambiguity. Now you know, how long does makeup last therefor you will consume your makeup products accordingly. You may even guide your friends who invest just like you to purchase expensive beauty products every month.