How Long Does Lasik Eye Surgery Last

Although Lasik surgery is relatively simple, many people have a tendency to get nervous about any kind of surgical procedure. This is the reason that before going for the surgery, you should arm yourself with enough knowledge to help you cope with your apprehensions. One of the things that you should know about this procedure is how long does lasik eye surgery last. The procedure usually takes approximately 15 minutes, but it may take a little longer in some cases. Knowing that the surgery takes such a short time will itself relieve you of a lot of worries and make you physically and mentally prepared for the procedure.

In order to prepare yourself for the surgery it is important that you have a detailed discussion with your surgeon regarding the procedure. You should ask him or her detailed questions about the surgery, especially how long does lasik eye surgery last. Most doctors are very empathetic and understanding and will explain the entire procedure to you and will tell you what to expect both during and after the surgery. In fact, it is the appointments with the doctor before the surgery and the care taking procedure after the surgery that takes up a lot of time, while the surgery itself is a very short procedure.

When you go for the surgery, you should not go alone. This is because you will not be able to open the eye on which the surgery has been performed. This is why it is necessary to have someone to drive you to and from the medical facility. You will also need to tell your companion how long does lasik eye surgery last, in order to make them mentally prepared for the wait in the doctor’s reception room. The doctor will give you a shield for the eyes which will give your eyes a break and the healing process continues unaltered. Your companion can even be present with you during the surgery to give you moral support if the doctor permits this.

In spite of all the mental and physical preparation and the knowledge about how long does lasik eye surgery last, some people become overly anxious about the procedure. In these cases the doctor will administer a mild sedative to soothe your nerves. This sedative is given before the procedure and helps you to remain calm during the surgery. IT will also help you to sleep once the surgery is over. The sedative is also used because patients cannot be unconscious during the surgery and have to remain awake throughout for the surgery to be successful. Hence it is not possible to make the patient unconscious with the help of anesthesia. However, some eye drops are administered to numb the eyes during the procedure. Once you know how long does lasik eye surgery last, you will know when you can go home. However, you will have to follow the precautions as advised by the doctor. Most people recover their normal eyesight immediately, but with some people the progress is gradual.