How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes To Grow

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow?

Eyelashes are the hair on the edge of the eyelid. They act as a protecting shield for the eyes. There are many reasons for experiencing a loss in the lashes. The most common of all is the use of cosmetics and enhancements. Cosmetics like mascara, eye liner which is used at the edge of the upper eye lid which is also where the glands of the lashes are placed. And with the use of enhancements like false lashes, can be the reason for loss in lashes. Because these false lashes are attached with the use of an adhesive which helps them stick to the eye lid. This can be a major cause for the loss of lashes. How long does it take for eyelash loss after using the enhancements? It depends on the type of adhesive used, as the lashes are very delicate and any kind of rough handling can cause them to fall.

Eyelashes play a very important in protecting the eyes. They protect the eyes from any kind of dust or dust particles falling in to the eyes. This reason makes it even more important to protect the eyelashes from falling. How long does it take to protect the eyelashes? With easy precautionary and caring steps one can prevent eyelashes from falling.

There are three most important stages for any type of human hair growth. The first one is known as Anagen. This is an active growing stage of the hair. How long does this stage for the eyelashes last for? This active growing hair stage lasts for about 25-45 days in case of eyelashes. The reason why eyelashes grow till a certain length is because the duration of this growing phase is shorter in comparison to that of the scalp. How long does this active growing stage last in case of scalp hair? In case of scalp hair this active growing stage lasts much longer for like 3-6 years approximately. And to make the most of this active growing stage of the scalp one can provide the adequate nutrition, nourishment and care required for the scalp to improve hair re-growth and the condition of the hair. How long does one need to provide the necessary nourishment to the scalp during this stage? This can be done keeping the duration of active growing stage in mind like in case of scalp 3-6 years or even lifelong care would do no harm.

The next stage is the Catagen stage of hair growth. This stage is considered to be the stage of transition. In this stage the eyelash tends to stop from growing. The hair follicle of the eyelash stops making hair during this stage. How long does this catagen stage last for? This stage lasts for about one to two weeks.

The next and last stage in this active process of hair re-growth is Telogen stage. This is the stage during which the hair fall occurs, whether its scalp hair or the eyelashes. As this is known to be the hair’s resting stage. How long does this telogen stage of hair last for? This normally lasts for about 4-6 weeks. How long does an eyelash take to grow back on an average? It can take from weeks to months for an eyelash to re-grow depending upon the adequate care and nourishment provided.