How Long Does Hair Take To Grow

How Long Does Hair Take To Grow?

Hair is essential to humans. It gives impact to one’s appearance, hence the term “crowning glory”. Change in hairstyle can dramatically change the way you look. Some people sometimes try out different styles, even very short ones, and then later on they want to restore their long hair. How long does hair take to grow? For sure this is the primary query when it comes to hair.

Typically, human hair grows at a rate of approximately half an inch monthly. That gives you six inches annually. That means if you want to have the long hair look, you are required to have a minimum of 9 inches, which can be achieved in one year and six months. There are certain factors that can influence the growth of your hair such as age, physical condition and hormonal condition. Pregnancy is one case that can raise the hair growth rate (this is under the factor hormonal condition). It is worth noting however, since people are different, that hair may grow at a slower rate, like one fourth inch monthly or fast as an inch monthly which gives you 12 inches of hair growth in a year.

The other culprits for slow rate for hair growth are chemical hair treatments and an unhealthy state of poor hygiene. These conditions result in flimsy and weak hair with poor roots; and since the hair strands easily break, hair grows very slowly or does not grow at all.

As hair grows in many areas of the body, it naturally grows at varying rates (it would be awkward if body hairs grew at the same rate with the hair on the head right?. There are particular areas where the hair growth is slow; for example, on the forehead.

Aside from the question, “how long does hair take to grow”, it is also interesting to know how long the hair can get. There are also certain aspects that determine this, such as the life span of every single hair strand, the strength of the hair strands and your hair care skills.

The human hair lasts for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 6 years. After this, hair falls and is replaced by a new set of strands or sprouts. The duration of your hairs life, with a six inches per year rate, produces a terminal length of 30 centimeters to 90 centimeters or one foot to three feet. Hair length is also determined by genetics; some individuals have hair that lives longer, thus they are able to grow lengthier hair. Age is also a factor, because as individuals age, the hair growth pace and longetivity of hair life is diminished. The terminal length is also the utmost hair length a person could ever achieve if she/he will never trim or cut he hair; which for most healthy humans is as long as three feet.

Hair strands do not grow equally. Some are lengthier than others, some are shorter. Hair that grows above the forehead and posterior portion of the neck tend to grow shorter. As stated prior, hair strength is diminished due to aging, contact with chemicals and the environment, and even weather. Naturally, hair grows three feet in 6 years but because of those factors, hair could fall out as early as the fourth year.

At this point, the answer to “how long does hair take to grow” is already understood. Remember that even though there is an average or standard hair growth rate, every person is unique; it all depends on how well the person takes good care of his or her crowning glory.