How Long Does Hair Grow In A Week

Women have always wanted to look beautiful, and part of that beautifying process has to do with hair length and care. Ever since you were a girl you wanted to know how long does hair grow in a week, impatiently waiting for your hair to look longer and more alluring. But, did you know that hair growth is determined by a series of factors related to your diet, health and even environmental? Here are a few things that can influence the growth of your hair.

– So, how long does hair grow in a week?
The basic answer is half an inch a month, although for some people, this rate varies, for some we are speaking of 1 inch, for others, less, about 1/8 inch. This is why it asking how long does hair grow in a week may not the best question for you, because it may not answer your question. You want to know how quickly you will be able to have your long flowing locks of hair ready for the summer season, so you should be concerned with what to do to help your hair grow faster.
– What factors can affect how long does hair grow in a week?
– A low calorie diet and bad nutrition decisions can generally affect the state of your hair. Extreme diets can usually lead to anemia, thyroid problems and other associated nutritional conditions. If your body doesn’t get enough nutrients, your hair will grow slower and it will become thin and easy breakable.
– An inappropriate climate. According to recent studies, hair grows faster in hotter climates, while in freezing areas, it may grow twice slower. Another factor to consider here is pollution, which can affect the health of your hair follicles.
– Various health conditions. If you are severely anemic, your hair will grow three times slower than normal. Hormonal issues in women can also affect how long does hair grow in a week. Women that are going through menopause are also affected by this hair growth slowing process.

– A few tips to take care about your hair
If you are always asking the same obsessive question: how long does hair grow in a week, and you keep measuring your locks in the mirror, you need to understand that miracles don’t just happen overnight. To have better looking, healthier and longer hair, you have to take a few steps towards protecting your health:
1) Eat healthier food, more fruit and vegetables, drink a lot of water
2) Add more vitamin B, E, C and A to your diet, either in supplement form or in their natural form.
3) Eat more food which is rich in Omega 3 fats
4) Make sure you get enough Zinc and Iron in your system
5) Never comb your hair when it is wet
6) Avoid excessive hair styling and specific products
7) Use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and never use them more than 3-4 times a week
8) Use natural products such as olive oil or a combination of aloe vera leaves and honey as a mask on your hair, at least once a week.

Remember, how long does hair grow in a week is not really important, because the answer depends on a lot of factors. The way you take care of your health and your hair is however, relevant.