How Long Does Hair Grow In A Month

How long does hair grow in a month?

Got a hair cut really short and wondering how long does hair grow in a month? Hair is a living, growing part of our body. It is generally made up of 91 percent of protein and what keep them strong are amino acids. The base of each strand of hair is called as follicles. Hair follicles nourish and moisten the roots on an everyday basis. There are many hair cells inside each follicle. These hair cells receive the required blood from a protrusion based at the follicle called as Dermal Papilla. Once these cells mature they die and once they die they tend to become more rigid and act and form as the shaft of hair. How long does it take for these mature cells to die? It totally depends on the excessive wear and tear of hair. This hair shaft is basically made up of three layers. The top layer is the strong and safe coating of amino acids known as the cuticle. The next middle layer is the cortex and the final layer is the medulla. The Hair growth depends on many varied factors. Like the stress levels in our every day routine, our hair hygiene levels, our genetics, metabolism, environmental stresses like pollution and also certain hereditary factors like hair fall or dandruff can have adverse affects on the hair growth. Even blow drying on a routinely basis also harms the hair follicles making them to weaken and causing hair fall. Using plastic rubber bands or hair being tied and knotted too tight can also cause hair fall by weakening the roots.

With regular care how long does hair grow in a month? On an average hair grows about ½ inch of every month to 6-7 inches a year approximately, which is again dependent on many factors. Such as the right kind of diet followed by a healthy workout routine helps in the growth. How long does one need to follow a diet for the growth of hair? It’s not necessary to follow a time span for the right diet it can be followed lifelong. However there are certain factors which may result in hair fall like for example hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors and the common problem of all being the post pregnancy hair fall. For a fact hair growth mostly varies from person to person. How long does the hair fall last for? With hair being exposed to chemical treatments, air pollution, to ill maintenance, hair follicles being in a poor condition and under nourished hence time duration for a hair fall can’t be determined in such circumstances.

The best option to promote hair growth would be to follow a strict diet rich in proteins, this will not just help with the hair growth but also can make the hair follicles much stronger. In how long does the growth of hair tend to get better? Improving eat habits and consuming foods such as soy based products, eggs, any kind of poultry or meat provides the much required proteins to strengthen the hair follicles. Regular intake of vitamin E supplements also strengthens the hair from root to tips. Regular oiling and shampooing also enhances the texture and promotes hair growth. Regular trimming helps the hair from split ends which tend to aggravate hair fall. Using a wide tooth brush and combing from root to tip also provides the necessary blood circulation to the scalp which helps in strengthening the hair and having positive affects on the hair growth.