How Long Does A Spray Tan Last

How long does a spray tan last?

Many people, particularly women, are conscious of their skin tone. Those with very pale skin color normally desire to be more tan and sometime these women spend several hours under the sun – just to add some color to their skin. By sun bathing, you may end up with sun burn and or worse – skin cancer. You may be using a hat or sunscreen, but that may not be enough to give you the protection against the hazards of ultraviolet rays. You can easily spot your sunburn; the area hurts and in a matter of days, the skin will peel and will be even more painful. The long-term effect of exposure to the sun is very worrisome. This will cause pre-mature aging; wrinkles will appear in your face especially near the eyes and mouth areas. Repeated sunburn can develop into skin cancer.

SO…it is gratifying that with the advance cosmetic technology there is a good alternative to direct exposure to the sun. This is via tan spray. But do you know how long does spray tan last?

The length of time for the tan to last can be dependent on how you take care of your skin before and after the tan spray.


When you decide to have this sunless tan, you have to prepare for it prior to the actual session and the right preparation will help in preventing early fading of the tan. You need to exfoliate before starting your session, which will remove the dead dry skin cells and as such, your skin will better allow the spray to penetrate your skin. Do not use lotion, moisturizer, perfume, or deodorant before you undergo the session. In addition, make sure to rinse off your make-up before the tanning spray is applied.


After the session, there is one thing that you have to be aware of – the main cause for the fading away of the color in the skin which is the sloughing of dead skin cells and with the natural shedding of your outer skin, the tan fades. An important thing to do is to keep your skin moisturized every day, preferably twice a day. If possible choose tan-extending moisturizer because this kind contains ingredients that can prevent the tan from fading. Never ever dare buy one that has mineral oil as ingredient as it will cause the tan to fade faster.

The bathing regimen as well as the clothes you wear after the tan spray can also be determinants of the duration of the tan. You are not supposed to shower within 8 hours from the time you underwent this technique, as this is just the time the tan is developing. Additionally, do not soak in your bath as this will only cause sloughing of dead skin cells and the less you shower the better. The norm is to bathe every other day to prevent the tan from fading and to protect the developing color, wear loose pajama on the first night after the sunless tanning.

What to avoid

There are a few things you have to keep away from after your spray tanning. All of these things will hasten the fading of your skin tone. The dont’s are: avoid sweating, water, swimming, Spa and use of bar soap and high pH products. After heeding these guidelines, you will have the answer to your query. So – how long does spray tan last? Normally, the tan will last for 5 to 7 days. With the proper care and adherence to the guidelines concerning pre and post maintenance of spray tan your skin color can last longer – possibly two weeks.