How Long Does A Face Lift Last

Facelift is the type of surgery which is used to remove wrinkles, excess facial skin or to give a face more youthful look. It is among the widely performed surgery after liposuction, breast lift and blepharoplasty. Facelifts are now getting massive audience attention, mostly in western society the trend of such types of surgery is increasing day by day as people are getting more age conscious and want to look young and fine-looking. But, those people who go through such kind of surgery always worried about the longevity of the surgery. How long does a face lift last is a most commonly asked question from them.

How long does a face lift last? No doubt the face lift surgery will make you look 10 years younger than your original age but for how long you can pretend to be young? After many researches and doctors interviews we have gathered the facts about the face lift techniques, effects and its longevity which might help you to get the answer of how long does a face lift last.

There are many ways to measure the outcome of rejuvenation surgery which will indirectly answer the question of how long does a face lift last. The best and easy method to measure the longevity of the facelift is subjective scoring. Validated scales are put up to measure the effectiveness of wrinkles, face tightening, face lifts and excess skin. This might be difficult to assess due to certain factors including makeup, lightning and hairstyling.

There are different types and methods of facelifts which affect the outcome of facelift surgery and also affect the longevity of the outcome. Face lift surgery can be performed surgically or non-surgically, the result of both the methods can vary. The major two types of facelift surgery are minimally and invasive procedure. Invasive procedure is filling of face with fats, and it’s an injective procedure.

Face lift can be a good option for you only if you fit into the following criteria; you are physically healthy, you don’t smoke, and you are positive towards your image and improvement of your facial skin. If you do not fulfill the following criteria then the face lift surgery might be dangerous for you and can cause you lots of facial problems and diseases.

It is important to know that although rejuvenating surgery makes you look younger than your age, but it doesn’t stop the aging process. It doesn’t change your basic appearance it just give your skin a support to look younger than the age.

The face lift longevity depends upon the method and procedure you chose for your skin. Before choosing any method of facelift surgery you should know for how long does the facelift last? Usually the facelift lasts for a lifetime, but it depends upon each patient. After 10 years of surgery, you won’t find the same result like a freshly done surgery because the aging process doesn’t stop after surgery. Genetics & Lifestyle has an important part in the longevity of the facelift surgery. The facial appearance of a patient keeps on changing with time. Now after reading this I am sure that you would have known that how long does a face lift last.