How Long Does A Bikini Wax Last

How long does a bikini wax last?

A holiday at the beach and planning to get a bikini wax also confused with the fact as How long does a bikini wax last? Waxing is the most difficult of techniques for hair removal and the bikini line to be the most painful one, one needs to be very sure in order to get a bikini wax done in the bikini area. As waxing usually removes the hair from its roots, hair re-growth depends on various factors and also from person to person. Sometimes it’s the hereditary causes and at times it’s the hormonal reasons that have an affect on the re-growth of hair. Hormonal imbalances can also either aggravate or cause hair fall. How long does hormonal imbalance last in the body? The duration of hormonal imbalances in the body depends on many factors like for example stress levels, before and after menstrual cycle, pregnancy and many more.

How long does it take to get a bikini wax done? Bikini wax as the name suggests is getting a wax done on the bikini line and this being a sensitive area it needs a lot of time and care to perform waxing here. Re-growth of hair in this area is also the slowest in comparison to other parts of our body. How long does the re-growth of hair take on the other parts of the body? This again varies from person to person, as in some cases if a person going through a hormonal imbalance the results can vary. On an average it takes 1-2 weeks for the re-growth. Getting a wax in the bikini area also has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages being as it’s the most sensitive part of our body, using a hot wax here can cause from slight to severe irritation and redness initially. It’s a rare occurrence but if at all one experiences any kind of discomfort or rash, consulting a skin specialist or a doctor is a must. As an infection in this area quickly aggravates and causes a lot pain and discomfort. How long does this discomfort last for? The discomfort post waxing lasts for a few minutes depending upon the sensitivity of the skin. It has its good share of advantages too. Especially for the personal hygiene as well as during holidays and vacations if one wants to sport a bikini, a bikini wax would be the ideal thing in comparison to shaving. As with shaving the re-growth of hair is comparatively faster in comparison to waxing. Waxing slows down not just the re-growth of hair process but also the hair in the bikini area is visibly lighter.

Hair growth cycle usually follows a three stage development. Growing, resting and transitional, on an average 70 to 90 percent of hair on our body is in a growing phase. Other than this the remaining 10 percent tends to be in the transitional phase and the rare 2-5 percent remains in the resting phase. And during waxing there are some sections of hair which no matter how hard you try to reach out to wax them out, they remain in the same position as they are in the resting phase. How long does the hair take to grow back in the growing phase? The ones that easily can be waxed and gotten rid off are in the growing phase, which grows back within 2-3 weeks of waxing on any area, which again depends on the individual’s hair re-growth capability. How long does it take for men to have a re-growth of hair? Men and women tend to have different hair re-growth rates, men tend to have a faster growth of hair and also the kind of weather you are getting waxed in also matters. A summer being the most difficult season of all to get waxed, as in summers the skin tends to sweat faster hence causes redness and irritation with slight burn. After having stated all the facts surrounding bikini wax, still need to determine how long does a bikini wax last? Bikini wax certainly lasts longer than any other area of waxing. Bikini wax lasts for about a good 4-8 weeks.