How Long Does It Take To Be A Lawyer

How long does it take to be a lawyer?

Want to pursue law? The most important question, how long does it take to become a lawyer? In comparison to most other career options available, the learning period in order to become a lawyer is of a much longer duration. Apart from the much required Bachelor’s degree program and additional few years of lawyer training education of schooling is important in order to become a lawyer. There are a few part time law programs available. How long does this part time program take to finish? This is entirely dependent on the hours of study allocated by the aspiring lawyer. This can be done even while pursing your bachelor’s degree program. And during the process of earning your Bachelor’s degree program the main subjects that one must specialize in are Business, Math, Politics and English. How long does it take for a bachelor’s degree takes to attain? It takes about 4 years for the completion of a Bachelor’s degree program. Post attaining a Bachelor’s degree the next step will be getting into a reputable Law school. As any Law school requires the aspiring law students to have a minimum educational qualification to be a Bachelor’s degree. How long does it take to become a lawyer after the Bachelor’s degree program? Generally it takes about 3-4 years of additional study program in order to become a lawyer. How long does it take to finish the additional study program? It depends on the area of specialization.

During your 1st year program in a law school you are taught the nuances of the core subjects of law, few of them being legal writing and various types of law – criminal, constitutional and so on. There is a wide array of popular areas that one can choose to specialize in during the lawyer training program:

• Constitutional Law – This program specializes in as the name very much suggests, protecting and guarding the communication as well as relationship between the federal and the state government.
• Criminal Law – This specialization programs involves governmental prosecution of an individual who has committed a crime or attempted to commit one. A criminal lawyer may either choose to work for the government or as a defense lawyer to the accused person who has committed the crime.
• First Amendment Law – This program specializes in safe guarding the rights of a citizen for their freedom and right to speech, print, press and religion. Basically guarding the right of freedom of expression.
• Business or Corporate Law – This is a popular program of all, which specializes in business and any kind of prosecution revolving around the corporate section, industry and commerce.
• Environmental Law – This program specializes in anything to do with nature. From waste disposal, air pollution to industrial waste and pollution.
• Real Estate Law – This program involves finance, selling, buying, development of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, and the terms surrounding any kind investment involving banks and personal finance sectors.
• Labor and Employment Law – This program specializes in protecting the rights of the various laborers, employers and union members. Basically revolves around anything to do with employment.
• Immigration Law – This program is the second most popular area for specialization. It involves the federal laws surrounding the immigrants and the non-immigrants.
• Family Law – This specializes in the legal prosecutions involving family matters like child custody, divorce, marriage, adoptions and so on.

Apart from working on all these areas of specialization how long does it take to become a lawyer? In total it takes about 4-7 years of minimum additional law schooling to become a qualified and professional lawyer.