How Long Does A Divorce Take In California

Going through divorce can be a painful, lengthy and agonizing experience for an individual. If you are planning to file for a divorce in the state of California, then you might wonder how long does a divorce take in California. One wants to progress in the new life at the earliest after divorce and wants to put everything behind but the divorce cannot be legalize before six months from the date of the petition being served to the respondent. This can also be called as the waiting period. The waiting period begins when the spouse is served with the papers of discover and not necessarily when one files the petition. A petition is a formal request made to an authority with respect to an exacting cause. This means that your status will remain as married for six months at least after the petition for divorce has been filed.

California was the first state to implement the concept of no-fault divorce. This means that the couples is eligible for a divorce if there are irreconcilable differences in marriage and neither spouse has to indict the other of marital misdemeanors. To further understand how long does a divorce take in California; one has to be aware of the law stated by the state of California. The Californian law states that minimum time for divorce could be 6 months although the length of time is entirely tentative. Child and spousal support, child custody and the division of communal property are some of the important issues that need to be addresses and can lead to an extension of time on the process of divorce. If child custody is a problem in divorce then the court will direct the parties to concentrate on mediation before.

Good attorneys will always work towards quick resolution of the divorce. How long does a divorce take in California also depends on cooperation of the spouses. With lack of cooperation between the spouses, their attorneys and the courts, the divorce proceedings may take several years. So the parties involved should make best efforts and cooperate in resolving the divorce. Communication should be left open because the more cooperative and accommodating the parties are the divorce will also happen in lesser time.

How long does a divorce take in California depends upon cooperation and it is a key factor for resolution. Acting with revenge during the divorce proceedings is never helpful as the judges react negatively to these vengeful actions. Efforts should be made to come to agreements on every legal aspect of the divorce is you want to finalize the process in the minimum amount of time. Advice should be sought if one of the grieved parties is being revengeful and malicious.

The courts will grant single status to the parties and until then neither of the parties involved would be able to remarry or file as single on their taxes. As soon as the waiting period expires the judge will sign the agreement made between the spouses, into a decree of divorce. If the spouses did not reach an agreement between themselves then the court should be notified at the end of the six months. The notification to the court should be that a trial is needed to settle the marriage.

So the question how long does a divorce take in California can be summarized that the divorce process will take a minimum of six months if the other issues regarding the divorce are settled amicably and communication hasn’t broken down between the grieved parties.