How Long Does A Divorce Take In Florida

There is not a perfect answer to the question that how long does a divorce take in Florida. It all depends on the situation. A divorce will be granted even if one of the spouses is not willing to file for divorce although; there are some exceptions to the rule.
There are three types of divorce.
1. Where there is a mutual consent for divorce
2. Where both parties want divorce but there is conflict about how to divide the assets etc.
3. Where one of the spouses file a appeal for divorce and it is opposed by the other and then both determines a cost effective solution to settle their differences.
How long does a divorce take in Florida? This depends on what category the divorce case falls in. Usually, the first one is a fast process.

If one of the spouses knows that the other is hiding his or her total assets so that they are not fully disclose and distributed equally, she or he may appear before the Court and request it to ask the other spouse to declare the assets fully. A person may also be held in contempt of court if he or she does not declare total assets. Still the questions remains is how long does a divorce take in Florida. It will surely depend on the availability and truthfulness of the data provided and the Court’s decision on its truthfulness.

You will also definitely need to hire an attorney to prove your case in the court. How long does a divorce take in Florida also depends on the skills and experience of the attorney. If the attorney is well experienced, he may close the case down in your favor within weeks.

How long does a divorce take in Florida’s counties? Some counties have the rule of mediation before they can actually go to the Court. If both parties come to an agreement during arbitration, the Petitioner will go to Court in a hearing that will be uncontested and the Court will just approve the mediation agreement between the parties.

If the agreement doesn’t happen or there is a partial agreement, the hearing by the Court will be scheduled and you will be up for a trial. The time span depends on the number of issues raised. It could either be a matter of hours or could extend to days.

Issues that can turn a divorce ugly can include the argument over the distribution of liabilities and assets, custody and many other things. The choice of the attorney also has a huge impact on your case. The one who has a litigating frame of mind rather than settling might be beneficial for you as you should make sure that your case must be heard in the Court, not just become a personal agreement. You must have to pay a consultation fee but it should be total value for money. You must get for what you have paid and end up getting a fair amount of your estate as a result of the divorce.