How Long Does Standard Shipping Take

How long does standard shipping take?

How long does standard shipping take is an incredibly difficult question to answer because not only does it depend on the company that is carrying out the shipping, but it also depends on the company which is sending out the things that you have purchased or wish to receive. However, I will do my best to give a general guide to the question how long does standard shipping take.

Normally, from the date of dispatch, standard shipping will take around five to ten days depending where in the country you are located relative to the sender. As one would expect the further away you are, the longer it will take to be sent to you. It also depends on how busy the distribution depot is. If they are incredibly busy then you will probably find that it takes much longer to start to deal with your order. Standard Shipping parcels are always dealt with as less of a priority than express mail, and you should bear this mind when choosing your shipping options.

You will also need to bear in mind the frequency of routes between two destinations. If the route isn’t that popular then it may add a couple of days onto the delivery time. For example, if you live in a smaller town in the United States, then this could have a big impact on the delivery time, and could add another couple of days.

It will also depend on which company is going to ultimately be delivering the products. For example, some companies will deliver at a weekend, whereas others won’t. If the company doesn’t deliver on a weekend then the delivery time will normally be ‘working days’ and that means it could take anywhere up to three weeks!

Remember, various factors can affect how speedy your shipping is. For example, if there is poor weather in the area, or even a driver’s strike, then it could add a substantial amount of time onto how quick your delivery will be from the chosen company. Hopefully, the delivery companies website should keep you up to date on all things that could affect your final delivery date, and you should always check that if you feel it is taking a little longer than you hoped.

Remember, when your order is shipped, you will be supplied with a tracking number. It is always best to keep looking at this tracking number, as from time to time you may find that an actual delivery date is quoted for you, that way you know exactly when you need to be home. This generally doesn’t appear until one or two days before it is delivered however.

In summary to answer How long does standard shipping take, standard shipping should take around five to ten days to arrive at its final destination. Of course, it isn’t the fastest method for shipping mail and parcels across the country, but it is by far the cheapest. If you need something fast then opt for ‘priority’ mail or ‘express’. The company you purchase from should provide at least one of these options.