How Long Does Parcel Post Take

Parcel post is one of many services offered by the post office and allows you to send parcels like mail through post. It is usually one of the cost effective ways of shipping packages offered to the consumers. Post or mail is anything that is sent through the postal system. Post or mail is a system for transporting letters and other physical objects such as written documents enclosed in envelopes. It is also used to deliver small parcels to destinations around the world. It is usually slower then priority mail.

Before we talk about how long does parcel post take, let’s have a look at parcel post in detail. Mostly, people in the United States prefer to use parcel post for shipping things within the country. You can easily send the packages to different parts of the country and not often accessed areas like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. You can also send packages to different military addresses. Of course, you need to follow the standard military mail practices.

Parcels weighing equal to or less than four pounds are usually sent through First-class Mail International Service. This particular service had replaced the established International Parcel Post service. For packages weighing up to or less than 70 pounds, are sent through Domestic Parcel Post service. This service is affordable and allows you t transfer packages of girth and length of 130 inches with the help of ground transportation. It is obvious that the there are many factors that affect how long does parcel post take. Before we talk about how long does parcel post take, we will discuss the different factors that determine the cost of a parcel post.

The distance or the zone where the package is to be sent along with the weight of the package is critical in determining the cost of the parcel post. It will cost $5.10 to send a parcel of 1-lb to the nearest zone from your place of shipping. To send a package of 70-lb to the same area will cost $22.79. With increasing distance, the cost will increase. This cost can go all the way to $70.43. The factors that influence this price are the weight and the distance.

The United States Postal Service uses Parcel Post as a means of transporting different merchandise, books and other goods that are transferrable in bulk. This method proves to be economical and the best available ground transport method for such goods within US. To determine how long does parcel post take, we need to look at the weight of the parcel. Typically a parcel post is easily delivered to its destination within a week. It may even take a couple of days depending on how far the destination is and the weight of the package.

Usually people find it hard to trust the postal service. However, you can for delivery confirmation, track parcel service, insurance, mailing proof, return receipts, signature confirmation and you can even ask for restricted delivery service. These extra services come with some extra charges but with this extra payment, you do not have to worry about your parcel getting lost.
If you want urgent delivery for the parcel, the arrival time of the parcel will reduce. If you are not worried about how long does parcel post take, then you can easily determine the cost through the destination and weight of the parcel.