How Long Does Nursing School Take

How long does nursing school take depends on the level of training you wish to acquire. Different nursing courses have different durations, different subjects and exams. A nursing profession can be started as a Certified nursing assistant or CNA. This course is ideal if you do not have the finances or the time to complete a longer course. You can start as a CNA and later pursue higher degrees in nursing. The course for becoming a certified nursing assistant involves a standard training which has a total of 11 modules. 100-200 hours of training are required for you to be allowed to appear in an exam. Once you pass this exam you will given a certificate which will enable you to work with patients either in hospitals or in their homes.

If you consider the benefits of the nursing profession and compare it to how long does nursing school take, you will find that it is not a bad bargain. After 100-200 hours you can be in a well paying profession that will also give you the satisfaction of doing a noble job. If you have the time and resources to opt for it you can opt for a course which enables you to become a licensed nurse. As to how long does nursing school take to become a licensed nurse, the course duration is from 9 to 18 months as per the policies of different institutes. Once you have completed the course, you will be required to appear in an exam that is conducted by the national council of licensure also known as NCLEX-PN. Once you pass this exam, you will be able to work as a licensed nurse. Licensed nurses usually work in hospitals only and they are paid better than CNAs.

How long does nursing school take if you want to become a registered nurse also depends on the policies of different institutes, but usually this duration is for 4 years. This is a degree program and gives you a degree of Bachelor of science in nursing or BSN. If you are already working in a hospital as a CNA or a licensed nurse, you can join any diploma program offered by the hospital. You can then appear for an exam administered by NCLEX-PN in order to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses work in hospitals and perform important medical procedures. This is a highly respected profession and registered nurses get handsome salaries.

If you are worried by how long does nursing school take and cannot invest the amount of time and money required in regular courses, you have other options. There are many institutes that offer fast track nursing training programs. These institutes majorly cut down the time required to become a licensed or registered nurse. However, you should make sure that the institute that you opt for is licensed to give nursing diplomas and degrees. You should perform a thorough research on the internet about the institute and also find out from government authorities about the legitimacy of the institute. Otherwise the certificate you get will not be worth the paper it is printed on.