How Long Does It Take To Write A Book

Have you ever read a book so fast that when you put it down, you have thought to yourself that ‘woaahh! It must have taken the writer more time to write a book than it took me to read it!’ And then did your train of thought ever take a turn and make you think: ‘How long does it take to write a book?’ well many writers say that of all the questions they have been asked, this one is the most asked question. But the answer to this question varies from person to person. His work ethics, priorities, way of writing and many other factors contribute a lot in determining how long does it take to write a book.

Starting with what kind of book you are going to write, if it is a book which requires a lot of detailed research with exact facts and numbers then the writer will have to invest in a lot of time and will need even more time to get the book completed to ensure that there are no errors of any kinds. In many cases, the numbers and facts take so much time to be discovered that the writer needs extra time to write the narratives and if the book needs travelling and visiting other places then we are looking at more than just one or two years. Also sometimes you need the inspiration to come to you. You might undergo some days when you can’t write worth a dime and there can be some days when you can write for hours and hours, so all these factors decide how long does it take to write a book.

If taken on the other hand, if you chose to write memoirs then you shouldn’t take more than two- three months. You just need to write from your mind as if you are having a conversation with another person and pen down the stream of your thoughts into the paper. Easy, right?

So if you are deciding to write a book but are worried that how long does it take to write a book sit down and take a deep breath and ask yourself two things: Will you be writing full time and are you done with the research required? If you find yourself nodding your head into yes then the good news is that you have enough to write rough draft of the chapter in the end of the day. Granted, a draft means you will have to return to it someday to write it formally and put it in order but that will take less time as your will only need to pull some twigs to make it look neat. So this way how long does it take to write a book; you can say few months to a year provided you work religiously.

You may have some days when you will feel like how long does it take to write a book, a lifetime?! And you will want to throw away everything; but what a good writer does in this situation is hold his peace and stay calm and not let the anger kill the creativeness.