How Long Does It Take To Renew Greencard

The permanent residency in United States is indicated by a card which is known as green card. Green card has been originated in 1946 and is used until now. It was referred as green card because of its green color but later its color has been changed in 2010. It is an immigration process to live permanently in United States. It serves as a proof that an individual is a law full resident of United States. Every citizen must possess updated permanent resident card else he will be removed from the United States. Many people don’t bother to update their green card which causes several problems to them. For those who want to update their green card and worried about how long does it take to renew green card here is the process and other further details.

If you are permanent resident of United States then although you can’t be deported from US unless you involve in such act which takes your right to live in United States. Still, the green card has a limit of 10 years. After every 10 years you need to renew your green card. Now the problem is how long does it take to renew green card. It is important to realize six months before the card has to be expired because you need to apply for renewal of green card before it expires. If you realize late then you have apply for renewal as soon as possible.

To know exactly how long does it take to renew green card here is the process of green card renewal which will gives you the clear idea about it.

First the process includes filling out and submitting USCIS form I-90. The form can be downloaded from the official website of USCIS or it can be bought from the USCIS office. It will be easy and convenient for you to apply for renewal online. It just take few formalities of filling form, attaching some related documents and a copy of your expired green card. After you have done with the paper formalities you need to pay certain amount of dollars as a renewal fees. The lump sum amount you need to pay for the renewal will be around $450.

Later process of green card renewal will be done by FBI who will check your criminal record. If you come clean through this process then you will be grant the permission to live in United States for another 10 years. But, if any criminal record has been found against you then you will be deported from United States. To those who are worried that how long does it take to renew green card and how long does this whole process take. Here is a simple answer to these questions.

The estimate time needed to renew your green card after all the paper formalities will be 10 to 12 months. However, you will be provided with the temporary letter which will proof your lawful status to live in United States.

By following these steps and procedures you can renew your green card. If you need further information about the renewal and how long does it take to renew green card you can go through the important instructions provided by US government on USCIS website.