How Long Does It Take To Publish A Book

If you have a knack to write and are passionate towards this creative field then no one can stop you from getting famous and have a lot of respect in this world. Writing is an art, and very few people get success in this field. If you have sufficient knowledge and know-how of writing then it’s very easy to get yourself published. Nowadays there are many platforms to prove your writing skills. In this era of globalization and technology, there are numerous opportunities waiting for you. Online content writing is very happening trend nowadays; you can easily get yourself published through online forums. But, if you want to publish a book with your name and sell yourself tangibly then you have to go with little formalities which take some time. Now the first question that comes into newbies writer’s mind is how long does it take to publish a book? The answer is simple with some kinks.

The first answer to this question how long does it take to publish a book is; it depends upon the person to person and project to projects. Some projects are complicated and require much more time to get them published while some light and easy projects need little less attention. Critical and sensitive topics are needed to be revised several times and many approvals from high authorities are needed to get them published.

Another major and most important factor that you should take into consideration before getting yourself published is a clear and refined edited copy. The answer of your question how long does it take to publish a book highly depends on this factor. Quality and creativity need time and a quality copy can be created within months or may be a year depending upon the writing skills of a person. The total time you take will define your quality of work and research done on your topic.

The process you have to undergo to publish a book will be; set an idea about your book, create a rough sketch of how you will go through the writing process, create a quality copy, send your final copy to the professional editor, design your book layout and then finally print and publish.

These steps may look easy, but each step has its own importance and depth. Creating a unique concept/idea of your book is a heck of a task. If you are not different from others then your published book will remains in the stores. You need to take lots of time to go through the writing process and create a quality copy. Editing itself is a job, unless you don’t edit your copy with the professional editor it won’t be called as a clear and refined copy. He will recheck your final manuscript and check the consistency, style, spellings and grammar. Once you have finished these steps then after that will have a clear understanding about how long does it take to publish a book. Designing and printing won’t be very difficult task, but you need some experienced individual to guide you through this process.

Here is an estimated time which will tell you how long it takes to publish a book.
Unique idea of book: 2-4 months
Rough sketch of process: 1 month
Writing a quality copy: 7-8 months
Editing your copy professionally: 3-4 months
Designing the book: 1-2 months
Printing: 1-2 months

Total estimated time you need to publish a book will be around 1.5 to 2 years. This increase and decrease in time will depends upon the person’s writing skills and experience.