How Long Does It Take to Learn French

How long does it take to learn French?

Nothing can be definite and so how long does it take to learn French can differ from person to person. It can be 500 hours for some and even 960 hours for the other. Going to regular classes everyday for around 24 weeks and devoting 5 hours every week, has been seen as very effective for learning most languages and there should be no exception with French. In fact, there are many criteria like motivation to learn, interest level and practice to determine how long does it take to learn French.

There are various ways to learn any language, French in this case. There are language classes to attend in person or one can learn online. Thus it rests on the person and his ability to grasp the language which will give the answer to how long does it take to learn French. Learning a foreign language is important as well as advantageous if you want to pursue it as a career with its increasing demand. French is a very important language in itself. There are millions of people speaking in French today. Moreover, it is even considered as a melodious language and oozes our romance. It is a language of love in other words.

Thus to be able to learn French one must have the knack to learn. The younger one is the better is the power to grasp the language. How long does it take to learn French even lies on one’s aptitude level. Sometimes a person is meant to learn a language quickly. On the other hand, for some others it may be next to impossible to learn the language at all.

How long does it take to learn French depends a lot on the practice session that a person indulges in. The more one practices the better are the chances to learn French. Going for regular classes may help one to learn French faster. This is because there are trained teachers who will guide one to go about with each and every term and make one understand in depth. Understanding the language before learning it is very important. Mere mugging will only result in surface learning and not an in-depth knowledge.

There are different kinds of classes that are taken at different levels. Different learning solution has different timings and that will decide as to how long does it take to learn French. Such regular classes are advisable because if a person learns French online, he/she may not be as motivated as he/she will be encouraged during a class session. Moreover, interacting with the other learners may help in better learning and can help one to gain fluency.

Therefore, there is no single answer to how long does it take to learn French. Each person has his/her own capabilities. A person with a sharp memory may learn the language faster than the one who cannot retain much for a longer time. Each person is special in his/her own way. Nothing can be fixed for everybody. It can take a few months for some or even years for another with respect to how long does it take to learn French.