How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese

Chinese is considered as one of the most difficult language,but it is taken as an interesting language to learn by many of them. Chinese language is a combination of several different languages and about one-fifth of the world population unintentionally communicate in this language. If you want to know how long does it take to learn Chinese language fluently then it’s no doubt a tough question. People who are living in China for many years can’t call themselves as a learned Chinese.

Now there are many ways to learn Chinese language, uncountable books are now available in the market some of them are named as ‘How long does it take to learn Chinese language’, ‘The English way to learn Chinese’, ‘Teach yourself to read modern Chinese language’ and many more.

If you are very eager to learn this interesting language at your own place and you have the internet connection with you then it is easy for you to learn Chinese sitting at home free of cost. Various software is now available on the internet that allows one to know the Chineses language in few days without any expense. Chinese pod is one of the famous software to learn Chinese language online. It gives you a learning lessons, Chinese grammar, interactive activities, class sessions and practicing exercises. It is a complete package to learn Chinese language in few days. For those who asked how long does it take to learn Chinese language here is an answer to all of them, you can learn Chinese within few days and without any cost at Chinese pod.

However, if you are newbie in China then you must find it very uncomfortable in their environment if you don’t know how to speak Chinese and the first question that will come into your mind will be how long does it take to learn Chinese language?

Dr Xie Tianwei is one of the expert Chinese language teacher, you can find his online sessions, notes and course oriented books which can help you to learn this difficult yet an interesting language. After every chapter, you will find a practicing exercise which will help you to take a self-assessment test. This is the best way to learn Chinese language for the beginners.

Now, here is the total estimated time for those who want to know that how long does it take to learn Chinese, that includes reading, writing, speaking with fluency and vocabulary.

For beginners who want to learn basis Chinese language which includes small and basic Chinese vocabulary, important signs and symbols and Chinese writing will take around 2 to 2.5 years. Later if, you want to learn fluent Chinese language and Chinese literature you need to take a proper course or may be a degree in Chinese literature which will take you around four years (Same as you spend for some degree program).

After assigning 6 to 7 years of your life for Chinese language you will be able to speak a fluent Chinese more like some Chinese people. These ways which has been discussed in this article will help you to learn the most difficult language comparatively in a short period of time, and the question how long does it take to learn Chinese won’t be as scary as it seems like.