How Long Does It Take To Get High

How long does it take to get high?

Alright, down and dirty, how long does it take to get high? Let’s assume you are talking about smoking mary-jane, reefer, weed, ganja, wacky tobacky, and not doing something really stupid like huffing aerosol cans or drinking glue. How long does it take to get high off weed? The answer here is going to depend on a high number of variables, so bear with the explanation as we will attempt to break down the answer into a few parts.

First off, what was the method of ingestion? If eaten, then the fat-soluble ingredients that get you high have to first be processed by the stomach and sent to the liver. Once in the liver, the blood stream is going to receive the marijuana goodness. At that point, the head gets a lift and the high will begin to set in. The process from ingestion to feeling the first effects takes approximately an hour, but can vary from 30 minutes to two hours. This large variance is due to the different strains of weed out there and how quickly they react to your system. Similarly to alcohol, the bigger the person, usually the longer it takes.

If it was smoked, the cannabinoids reach the lungs just seconds after leaving the smoking vessel. From there, expansion of the smoke in the lungs will probably cause a quick coughing fit and a little head rush. Depending then on the type of weed smoked, whether gutter pot or fine, high-grade test-tube stuff, the high usually sets in within five minutes. At times it takes as little as one minute, at others it will take ten or fifteen to feel the full effect. There are even reports of people coughing from the smoke, then feeling high as soon as the fit was over, sometimes just seconds.

“Creeper” weed is going to do just that, creep up on you, and overtake you when you aren’t looking. Whether smoked or eaten, creeper weed takes longer to take hold, and since most of the people taking this weed aren’t used to recording their experiences, there is no way of being sure how much time this adds. It could be an effect of the mary-jane that people believe they are getting high much later than with regular pot, or it could be the exact truth.

The last thing to take into account is your own pot habit. If you have a higher tolerance, you are going to feel the high later and with less smoked or eaten than someone who is newer to the art of taking cannabis. The only way to know the answer to how long does it take to get high, is to test it. They don’t call it experimenting for nothing! No, but really, the effects of marijuana will take somewhere from one minute to 90 to feel, and may last for several hours, or as little as one hour. The more experienced smokers tend to need to smoke every two hours, unless they are a very light smoker, in which case a couple times a day they get high.