How Long Does It Take To Get A Patent

How long does it take to get a patent approved? If you are looking for the answer to this question, let me tell you this, hold your heart as the time varies so greatly, your turn to get your patent of a mood detecting device you made might come after your funeral. But jokes aside, the time of How long does it take to get a patent can fluctuate from few months to numerous years. This might flip you off a bit because we know you are very excited about your invention or discovery and you want to break it to the world to not only make their lives easier but also get your wallet some food for it too, but it is a long complex procedure and allow us to illuminate every step of this procedure for you.

Before finding out how long does it take to get a patent, let us start with getting an understanding of what patents really and actually are? If you know the answer to this already, you can skip this part you little know it all. Patent is the right of ownership you get for something you have invented so in case your product idea gets stolen and sold, you can claim ownership on the product and get the money yourself. Patents are also used to keep a record of what is being invented so your name can end up in some science book 40 or so years from now with kids doodling on your face. It also gives you the ride to forbid people from using, recreating or selling your product without getting an approval from you first, so pretty much a royal treatment eh?

Patents also come in handy when you are approached by a rich third party who wishes for you to sell your product to them for a handsome amount of money or lifetime supply of nutella. When the third party decides to buy your product they will require the documentation of patent; filed and processed. If your product is in pending status which means they are yet to consider the product and the patency, and the time that you thought is How long does it take to get a patent is now extended, the third parties would settle for the ‘pending status’ document. But for this to happen, you need to convince them that your idea is very marketable and you can make the market go gaga over your product.

The exact time of How long does it take to get a patent depends also upon how quickly you get an attorney, what are the good skills of the attorney when it comes to getting dates and giving response, how often and regularly do they submit the paperwork and get the papers of your work to be reviewed quicker than other. In short, your attorney also plays a vital role in getting your product patented. They will also charge you a subsequent amount but once your product is petitioned, no one can steal it from you and you can sell it on your free will to earn handsome amount of money good enough to lead a happy life!