How Long Does It Take To Change Your Name

Is that even a valid question? Yes it is. Everyone has the right to ask whatever he/she wants to ask. And this is some serious question. How long does it take to change your name?

As a matter of fact, it could be done within a blink of an eye. Yeah that is the answer to your question, which is, how long does it take to change your name? Think of some nickname or some other name, let’s say, your favorite celebrity’s name, and start calling yourself with that name. There, you have your name changed in the blink of an eye. Blink, not a wink.

Second question. How long does it take to change your name on Facebook? I cannot believe that so many people find it so hard to do it. I guess that s the reason why they stick to just one name for so long. If anyone still wants to know about how to do it, it could be a tough task. But I’m here to help you. See that wheel type thing on the top right hand corner. Yeah, that. Click it, a drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and the first thing you will see will be ‘Name:’ On the right, see the ‘edit’ option and change your name to the desired one. Do not forget to save changes or else you will have to repeat this long procedure all over. There is a risk of you getting lost too.

Still not helpful? Which other social networking site do you use? Twitter? Let me teach you how to change your name there too. Wondering how long does it take to change your name there already? It is a bit complex than doing it on Facebook so make sure you read each and every step carefully. Here they are:
1. Log in to your Twitter account.
2. Click your icon/picture. Your profile page will open.
*and you are wondering how long does it take to change your name*
3. Hover the mouse pointer to the header photo and click ‘edit’.
4. Under your beautiful header, will appear the box titled ‘Name’
5. Do not get scared when the box says to enter your REAL name. You obviously are changing it.
6. Select the name already written there, delete it and write a new name.
7. Make sure you check spellings twice.
8. Scroll down the page and click ‘Save changes’
9. You have a new twitter name. In just 9 simple steps.

Still concerned about how long does it take to change your name officially? Well, that depends upon the relevant authorities and the availability of your documents. Get all your identification and proofs together and head to the relevant office. Your name will be changed officially.

If you are still wondering about how long it takes to change your name, things have gotten serious now. Why exactly do you need to change your name? Don’t you just like the identity your family/relative give you? Live up with it, it might be beneficial for you.