How Long Does It Take To Become Midwife

Midwife or midwifery is a medical profession in which a nurse helps women during and after pregnancy, assist mother how to care her new born baby.
Midwife include both males and females, but a majority of them are females
It is much more than helping it required a lot of emotional and mental strength.
It takes proper training to become a mid wife, but the question is how long does it take to become midwife.

What are the qualities required for this profession

Selflessness think for the benefit of others.
Be ready to take care of any women respect every one.
Be patient, remain calm during a tense situation.
Be efficient, work on your own
Have good communication skills
Be positive, it impacts a lot
Good numeric and good in literacy
Be responsible, take responsibility of your as well as patients actions.
Control your emotions.

If you don’t possess these qualities you are not fit for this profession giving and caring are the essences of this profession, how long does it take to become mid wife because you need qualification for that.

Qualifications required becoming mid wife:

First thing which we need to understand every country set its own standards for this profession for example in U.S the degree requirement is different and in U.K its different.
Now I am going to discuss different durations and qualifications to become mid wife in different countries

How long does it take to become midwife in U.S.A?

It depends upon what kind of mid wife you want to become in U.S. how long does it take to become midwife? The answer to this question is in U.S midwives are mainly masters in nursing 4 year of bachelors in nursing plus 2 years of master’s degree.
But in some states of U.S duration and qualification varies
Some midwives go to school then they join apprentice program or training program after that they become midwives it takes a long time.
Some states welcome certified or licensed midwifes called direct entry. Check your states procedure.

Procedure in U.K:

If you live in U.K and you wanted to know how long it takes to become midwife then if you have joined health care field just now then you have to take 3 to 4 year training of becoming a nurse after that you are registered to Nursing and Midwifery council which is known as (NMC).
How long does it take to become midwife if we are talking about nurse if you are nurse by profession then it takes 18 months short course to become midwife.

In Australia:

How long does it take to become midwife? In Australia, it takes about 3 years to become midwife which is usually offered in university, but if you obtain a degree of nursing then you require 12 to 18 months training to become midwife.

Where you can work:

After completing your education related to nursing and midwifery mainly you can work in hospitals where you can become head of midwifes and earn up to 70,000 pounds annually, you can become a lecturer after some practice in nursing college, or you can work in the research field in college or universities related to nursing and child care, you can also become community midwife.


Midwifes earned an average 20,000 to 26,000 pounds annually plus they can get other medical benefits and other profits sometimes. Because of increase in annual birth rate there is scope in this field to care mother and infant.