How Long Does It Take To Become An EMT

EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technicians, also called as Paramedic. There are different stages of licensing of becoming an EMT. How long does it take to become an EMT? The answer to this question can be understood through explanation of various steps of licensing involved in it.

The first step towards becoming an EMT is receiving high school graduation. We can say that it is a basic requirement. It allows to get acceptance in preparation program of paramedic. For this purpose students should have focused on subjects such as science, English, health and physical education. It is a plus point if the student learns any language (called as second language). In some cases when one has to speak to foreign patients, second language helps a lot. In order to make the paramedic profession more prosperous, one must serve in his or her community. This is often advised by school giving paramedic training.

To know more about the question how long does it take to become an EMT we will move on to the second step. It is about getting enrolled in any EMT program. This can only happen if one has received high school graduation. This is the most important part because the student has to perform very well in the course as well as in the field. Basically field experience can only be acquired via community colleges and local hospitals. One can complete training of basic program of EMT from anywhere. It takes maximum two years.

Now you would have realized that why it is not easy to answer the question how long does it take to become an EMT. There are so many things involved and every step makes the other step easier to be achieve. To become a good certified EMT, the student has to clear practical examination as well as the written test.

This is not the end of the tough stages of becoming an EMT. Now the student has to find a relevant job. He or she has to work as an EMT on the job. Basically it is also a kind of training. It will lead you to become a complete official paramedic. Medical technicians that ride ambulances do an advance version of EMT. That is called as EMT-B and it requires license of special driver. One also has to acquire intermediate status of EMT if working as an EMT. The conditions vary depending on the specific status of being an EMT.

For the intermediate status the training vary from thirty hours to two hundred and fifty hours. After this status the paramedics can then supply fluids to the patients. They also learn how to use other medical devices. After this if the EMT acquires further two years of education from any community college and also participate in trainee program at an advance level can prosper even more. Hopefully this article describes the question, how long does it take to become an EMT.
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