How Long Does It Take To Become An Architect

Everyone praises beauty but the praises that the creator of the beauty gets more praises than his work. But this also means that the creator had invested a lot of time and energy in creating such a masterpiece. And a genre of such creators is called architects. Since the main protagonist of How I met Your Mother has a college degree in architecture, I bet many of the young ones are asking their elders that how long does it take to become an architect? Well little one you have stumbled upon the right page we will guide you and break down for you the whole process and time for how long does it take to become an architect.

The thing to keep in mind is that in this article we have outlined the most general outline, the state laws may require of you their own sets of requirements to issue licenses and the process of producing refined architects is in the state of continues evolvement and therefore you have to stay updates with the changes they have made in the test systems and internship criteria. These things may alter the time for how long does it take to become an architect, but once you do become an architect, and then this all would be totally worth it!

The process of becoming an architect is a fourfold program where the first fold is the school. And when we say school we do not mean the random general school, but some school which offers accredited programs. You will need to bookmark the official website for National Architecture and Accrediting Board to find out what are the schools that offer those accredited programs and if you qualify for them. After getting a degree- Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture or Doctor of Architecture- you will move on to the next level which is the internship.

Internship is where you get to experience what working in the field is going to be like. If the school hasn’t dampened your sprits to become an architect then you are on to the next level which is internship. When you land an internship you may or may not get paid but you will need to have a clean and thorough record to make it look good in your resume. You will be required to complete your internship hours in due course with your utmost performance. This time will also be counted in how long does it take to become an architect.

Now is the time to prove your worth. The next step is testing where you will have to take multiple exams and you will need to clear all of them to become an architect. You can take the exam in any order at any computer testing centre. Once you have cleared all your exams (hurrah!) it is the time to get your license! You need to go through some formality and lose some dollars to finally be able to call yourself an architect! So no matter how long does it take to become an architect, the wait and the pain is completely worth it!