How Long Does It Take To Become A Teacher

How long does it take to become a teacher?

Want to pursue a career in teaching and wondering how long does it take to become a teacher? Well then here are a few tips and steps to follow and to help you pursue your dream career in teaching. To become a teacher one needs to complete a high level of education as well as an early preparation to start with. With time standards and quality of teaching has seen a tremendous improvement and development. Hence the quality of education of a teacher also needs to be maintained accordingly. Every individual state has their own set of procedure and rules to follow in order to become a teacher. The duration of the course and learning also depends on the individual state or country.

Basic program starts from the Bachelor’s degree required becoming a teacher. They need to get through either a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree or a BA (Bachelor of Arts) from a reputable institute. How long does a Bachelor’s degree take to complete? A Bachelor’s degree program can be usually completed in about 4 years. Generally in some states the rules require the aspiring teachers to finish a teacher preparation program with an additional undergraduate degree. Also in some states there’s an additional benefit of a teacher education program being a part of the Bachelor’s degree. This helps in learning about the minute details of teaching while finishing your Bachelor’s degree program. How long does it take complete a Bachelor’s degree program with teacher training? The duration of a teacher training is combined with that of a Bachelor’s program hence the time span is the same as a Bachelor’s degree program.

Earning or attempting for a Master’s degree program is where the specialization for aspiring teachers starts from. By applying for the right institute that helps you with additional subjects in your teacher training program is highly beneficial. It increases your educational qualification standards as well as increases your chances of getting hired. Choosing the right subjects such as Mathematics, Literature, Art, Social Science and so on, can give you a hands on knowledge about which subject to specialize on. Different states have different set of requirements for a prospective teacher. In some states a Bachelor’s degree of a 4 year span is relevant enough to get the hired and in some a certification by the State Board of Education is a must. How long does it take to become a qualified teacher? In all probability over all it takes about 1-3 years in order to become a qualified teacher and an additional few months of training will only be of much help. If one has already completed with their Bachelor’s degree program and yet wants to pursue teaching as their career option, they can opt for an additional diploma or a Master’s degree specialized in teaching according to the state you reside in. Attaining a Master’s degree in education is entirely different from Master’s in Teaching. Master’s degree program education is of the general master’s level and Master’s Degree in Teaching specializes in teacher training education. How long does a master’s degree take to attain? A Master’s degree in Teaching will take an aspiring teacher from 12 to 24 months to complete. The next step in this procedure would be to start teaching in a classroom as a substitute or a student teacher. This will help you understand the teacher training procedure even better and also give you the much needed experience in order to become a teacher. Apart from the level of education to opt for how long does it take to become a teacher? No matter which degree of Teacher Training Education one opts for it usually takes nearly 1-3 years to complete the entire training process in order to become a much qualified and a certified teacher.