How Long Does It Take To Become A Psychologist

How long does it take to become a psychologist?

To determine the exact time span as to how long does it take to become a psychologist one needs to consider many factors. The key factors in order to purse any kind of career option, one requires to know the number of years one is able to allocate for the training program. Another thing to remember while choosing any career option is no matter which field you opt for the basic educational qualification requirement is a Bachelor’s degree. This is considered to be the foundation base of any career option.

While opting for Psychology as your prospective career option just a Bachelor’s degree won’t be sufficient. With Bachelor’s degree one is required to be a major in the psychology subject to say the least. How long does it take to attain a Bachelor’s degree program? This bachelor’s degree program takes about 4 years to complete. Once you are done with the Bachelor’s degree program the next step is to opt for a Doctoral Degree program also known as a Master’s Degree program in Psychology. This is essential in order to start working as either a counseling Psychologist or a Clinical Psychologist. This degree plays a key role in the fields such as School psychology and health psychology. The duration to obtain this Doctorate in Psychology depends on many varied factors. Including the area of specialization that you preferred to choose, the educational background and also the school you finished your Bachelor’s Degree from. How long does a Doctorate’s Degree Program take? A doctorate degree program in Psychology would need about 4-7 years of additional education post Bachelor’s degree program. There are some doctorate programs which require the students to first get a Master’s degree program and then apply for the Doctorate in Psychology degree program. Hence you need to be careful and must do a thorough research on schools offering different degree programs in Psychology.

There are various areas of specialization in Psychology with varied time frames of completion. You can opt for the one convenient for you according to the desired time frame. The popular few of all are:

• Forensic Psychologist – This specialization program is the most popular of all. It involves around mental illness, learning about the psychotic behavioral symptoms, counseling accused and suspected criminals, basically revolves around cases generated with crime. How long does this program take? This degree program lasts for about 2-3 years of Master’s level.
• Industrial Psychologist – As the name suggests this specialization program involves the industrial sector. Basically solving work motive related queries. And how long does this program take? This program takes about 2-3 years of additional education.
• Social Psychologist – This specialization program revolves around the social behavioral patterns, to tackle the behavior patterns of a group of people like in universities, offices and social communities. How long does this study program take? This degree program takes about 5-7 years of doctorate level education.
• Child Psychologist – This specialization is the next most popular area of practice. As the name is self-explanatory tackles the issues surrounding children. The varied behavioral patterns, to early childhood development issues. As the child grows he/she undergoes major changes in the behavior and mind set pattern which needs to be taken care of. How long does this take to finish? This program takes about 5-7 years of education to finish.

Confused how long does it take to become a psychologist after all this doctorate level of education? On an average it takes about 8-12 years to become a qualified Psychologist.