How Long Does It Take To Become A Dentist

How long does it take to become a dentist?

How long does it take to become a Dentist? Before knowing this, one must know which type of Dentistry one wants to pursue. On an average it takes about six to eight years to complete the entire dentist training and education. The basic requirement to become a dentist would be to complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program with chosen subjects being Math, Chemistry or Biology and the training and education for dentistry begins from there on. How long does it take for the Bachelor’s degree program? It takes 4 years for the completion. Also one needs to score high or good at subjects related to science and health. The next step in the procedure of becoming a dentist is to appear for a DAT, Dental Admission Test. This test is based on the necessary requirements that the board is looking for in a Dentist. The score is the key to becoming a dentist. The higher you score in this test the higher the chances of you getting through and on your way to become a dentist. Once you are through this stage, one must decide on the specialization area of dentistry.

There are basically two types of specializations required to become a dentist. One is the Doctor of Medical Dentistry and the other is the Doctor of Surgical Dentistry. In both cases the study program involves dealing in mouth care and oral problems surrounding them. And this additional specialization would again take another two to five years to get done with. This depends on the dental school that you have applied for. Apart from these there are sub professions included in the dental training education program. To name a few of them:

• A Pediatric Dentist – Is the dentist who generally caters to the dental problems of infants and children.
• A Periodontist Dentist – Is the dentist who specializes in the dental implants, providing treatment of periodontal disease and suggests steps for prevention from various dental and oral diseases. How long does this specialization take to finish? This specialization would require at least an additional 2 to 3 years of dental training education.
• An Orthodontist Dentist – This specializes in the aesthetic requirements of the dental issues. This field of specialization deals with improving the appearance of teeth, disproportionate and uneven jaw structure and to install braces. How long does this program take to complete? This program requires another 3 additional years of specialization.
• Endodontist Dentist – This dentistry specializes in dealing with the root of the tooth and the tissues surrounding each tooth. Specializing in the root canal therapy, treating disfigured and cracked teeth being a few treatments that an Endodontist needs to excel at to become a dentist. How long does this take to complete? This program takes about 2-3 years approximately post completion of dental schooling.
• Prosthodontist Dentist – This area of specialization involves the maintenance of oral health care and appearance. Replacing any cracked or missing tooth and functioning of oral care. How long does this program take to finish? This program lasts for about 3 years after completing dental school.

With various fields of specializations one gets confused and comes up with the same question as to how long does it take to become a Dentist? Depending upon which area one wants to specialize with while attempting to become a dentist the time frame varies but on average it takes about six to eight years to become a Dentist.