How Long Does It Take To Be A Nurse

How long does it take to be a nurse?

The time span to become a nurse generally depends on the basic educational qualifications as well as the selection and background of subjects chosen. And also if at all science, biology, chemistry or health education has been one of your subjects. Or even holding any sort of diploma for medical and health care can also be beneficial. There are many ways than one to pursue a career in Nursing. Anybody who wants to pursue Nursing as a career option often comes up with a common question as to How long does it take to be a Nurse.

A person wanting to pursue Nursing as the preferred career option must possess a master’s degree level education and the necessary authority and certification to work as a qualified and Registered Nurse (RN). Generally the time span on how long does it take to be a nurse depends on what kind of Nurse one wants to be. Below are the few different categories of Nurses based on their education qualification, each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

• The first one to be if one opts for an LPN that is a Licensed Practical Nurse degree at some vocational academy or school. How long does program need to complete? It roughly takes about 14 months to complete it. In some other states it is also referred to as Licensed Vocation Nurse.
• The next is the Bachelor’s Registered Nurse program known as Bachelor’s RN. How long does this take to complete? This is another registered nurse program which takes around 4 years for the completion of it. By the time you are done with this you are qualified as a Registered Nurse. This is the most essential and the basic level of education required to be a nurse.
• Associate Registered Nurse program known as Associate RN is the other one. How long does this take to finis? This takes about two years to complete the entire program.
• Registered Nurse Practitioner RNP is a completely registered nurse program. How long does this take to finish? This program requires an additional two years of further education.
• The last one to be is a certified registered nurse anesthetist CRNA is a registered nurse program. How long does it take to complete? This requires an additional two years of completion and post this one is certified to work.

Though to get in to any of these and to get a clear idea as to, how long does it take to be a nurse one needs to give a few entrance level exams as well as needs to qualify through some tests that are solely based on the qualification. On an average it takes about 4 years to be a qualified Nurse and further advancements in the field of Nursing can be made with additional education. Of all choosing the right nursing school to apply from is the most important aspect of pursuing a career in Nursing. As with the right school comes the right set of additional features and advantages. No matter what program you opt for the most important step would be to choose the right, certified and a licensed school. With even basic level programs one can gradually make the necessary updates over the course of time.