How Long Does It Take To Be A Doctor

How long does it take to be a doctor?

Pursuing a career like Medical is a very difficult one and the one common query that everybody wanting to know in Medical is that how long does it take to be a doctor?

To become a doctor one is required to spend many years in the field of medical education. And also is required to possess the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue medicine as their career option. Choosing a career in medicine is not all that easy as it sounds. As one needs to be well aware of this career option right from the school and then later can opt for medical school in high school. To become a doctor the knowledge and the necessary skills required for medical starts at an early stage of schooling and hence one needs to start preparing for it right from the start. On an average there are 4 essential categories that one needs to get through during the medical training to become a doctor. First being the most important one and can also be considered as the base and foundation of medical training, it’s the Undergraduate Studies Program. How long does the undergraduate program take to complete? The undergraduate or the bachelor’s degree program takes about 4 years to complete. As choosing the right set of course and medical subjects through undergraduate studies will make the next level much easier to attempt. The next category will have to be the Medical School, followed by Residency and then Fellowship as the last one to finish. Depending on this process how long does it take to be a doctor? It takes about 11 years in total to finish and get through all the categories and become a doctor. Stated below are the details of each category in order to become a doctor:-

Undergraduate Studies Program –

The student aspiring to become a doctor needs to first finish high school and then proceed with college. During the course of the undergraduate program the student will have to choose specialized subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Anatomy with the regular set of subjects essential in the college. How long does this program take to finish? It takes 4 years for the completion of this program.

Medical School Program –

How long does medical school program take? Medical School Program lasts for 4 years basically. Where the first 2 years of study involves laboratory classes and learning about subjects like Physiology, Advanced level of Anatomy, Psychology and Biochemistry to name a few. They also get to examine patients and learn more about the various medical cases and history of them. The next two years the aspiring doctor gets a chance to work with patients at hospitals under the guidance and supervision of an experienced and professional Doctor.

Residency Program –

As the name suggests, during this program the student gets an expert guidance in the overall management of the patients in Hospitals with the required assistance from a professional to specialize in the chosen field of practice. How long does this program take to complete? Any Residency Program usually is of 3 to 8 years which totally depends on the specialization the student has chosen.

Fellowship Program –

A Fellowship Program is basically an additional training period in order to become a doctor. How long does program last for? Any Fellowship Program lasts for at least about 1 to 3 years, which is an additional training in the chosen specialization category.