How Long Does It Take To Adopt

How long does it take to adopt?

Depending on the adoption agency, how long does it take to adopt can be determined. There are several stages to be taken care of. The application process; an approval from the agency; the period in which the couple is kept under observation with respect to the care of the child; and lastly an order from the court which will make the adoption official and resting in the hands of the adopters. In total it varies from six months to about a year and a half before an adoption takes place. How long does it take to adopt depends on the country of adoption and the policies of the respective adoption agencies.

Adopting a child is a very responsible act. Along with a home to live in and to be provided with sufficient food, the adoption agency also investigates into the couple’s lives. Any criminal offense committed by either of them can terminate an adoption process. In case of an adoption from the same country, how long does it take to adopt will be around a year’s time but for an international adoption, it may take up to several years. This is because there are international formalities to be taken care of. Too much paperwork and legal issues have to be met with in order to complete the adoption process.

It is a very important decision to be made before a child is handed over to a couple. There are various formalities to e undertaken. After all it is the life of an innocent child that can be either mended or broken. Thus a rigorous process is taken place to ensure that the child will be given to a safe custody. How long does it take to adopt also may depend on the references that certain adopt agencies may ask for. References from friends or a reputable person may help in determining the position of the couple.

There are many questions asked to the couple with regard to their lifestyle, number of members in the family and other related stuffs. If the couple is staying alone, the investigation sticks to their part only, but if there are additional members living in the house, there is an investigation made on each and every member of the family.

After the application is approved by the agency, the couple moves forward in choosing the child they would like to adopt. They are then educated with regard to the child and how he/she has been brought to the agency. This helps the couple in understanding the mental state of the child and also in upbringing the child in a better way. How long does it take to adopt rests completely on the adoption agency and the rules that it follows. Thus the time period varies from one to another.

Thus how long does it take to adopt has many undergoing steps. After the approval, the couple is asked to take care of the child under the observation of a social worker who would keep an eye on how the couple is treating the child. If the couple succeeds in taking utmost care of the child, the agency gives it approval and the matter is taken to the court. The court carries on with its formal procedure of legalizing the particular adoption case and finally handing over the child to the adoptive parents. Taking into consideration the procedures of adoption, how long does it take to adopt will rest on individual cases.