How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Child

Every child needs the parental love and care, those who are unlucky to get such kind of love are very unfortunate, and their hearts become fragile. Adoption is a process where a person or family take whole right and responsibility of a child legally. Adoption has a long history, and it is considered as one of the prestigious act in every religion and society. In a western society adopting a child from foster care has now become the latest trend, many celebrities and stars also engaged in such type of act. People who want to adopt a child need to have few of the basic information of the modes and process of adopting a child and how long does it take to adopt a child.

Before answering these questions first of all you have to see whether you are eligible for the adoption of a child. The eligibility criteria are you should be 21 years of age at least and have permanent and stable financial position for the adoption of a child. You need to see that you are healthy enough and don’t possess any kind of disease which can affect the child.

After you have been proved eligible to adopt a child now, you should have sound knowledge about how to adopt a child, what is going to be the process for that and how long does it take to adopt a child. The time duration of adoption depends upon the process of adoption you choose. In the normal process, it takes around 8 months to transfer all the rights and responsibility of a kid to an adopting individual/family.

In these 8 months, you will get detailed information about the shortlisted kids who can fit into your living standards. You will then choose among those kids who you think can be your daughter/son, several meetings and discussions will be held, and parents and children will talk to each other to better understand each other. After that, you will be given some time to live with the child and make sure you both are compatible with each other. The social working agency will keep an eye on you, so they know that you are responsible enough and can take good care of the child, and he is in a safer hand. The court won’t give you the final custody of the child if you didn’t spend at least 10 to 13 weeks with the child, and social working agency doesn’t approve the child safety. If you successfully complete these steps then the custody and all the legal rights of a child will be hand over to you without any further problems, in this case the birth parents won’t have any right of a child and all the custody will be given to the adopter.

This all process will give you an idea about how long does it take to adopt a child. Further, you also need to do some paper formalities to adopt a child; it will include the application form, two references from the friend or family, medical reports and criminal records. The social working agency will give you the adopter report which will have all the details about the adopter as well as the child adopted.

After you have gone through all the process and have a complete knowledge about how long does it take to adopt a child you need to know the required fees to adopt a child. Certain amount of fees has to be paid to the court to complete the adoption process; the fees vary from country to country.
If you have strong financial background and have a strong family history you don’t need to worry about all this process and how long does it take to adopt a child question. You can easily adopt a child after some paper work and legal formalities.