How Long Does Express Shipping Take

Express shipping service is referred to the delivery service for customers who pays extra surcharge for the speedy delivery of goods around the world. Express shipping service has been a latest trend nowadays to deliver every kind of merchandises to your loved ones easily and in a shorter span of time. Many firms now offer this type of service; it can be found easily in almost every country. Shipping industry has been gaining a wide range of popularity within the people as it is the era of globalization.

Uncountable express shipping corporations are operating in many countries including TCS, DHL, UPS, TNT, express shipping co and many more. They operate domestically as well as internationally. Each company has its own unique function and delivery time. Most frequently asked question before sending any parcel to the loved ones is how long does express shipping take? The answer to this question varies from company to the company and their policies. Few express shipping companies have been discussed in further part of the article which will give you the answer of how long does express shipping take.

UPS is one of the most renowned brand and one of the best express shipping companies of USA. It was founded in 1907, and since then they just saw a sky rocking growth. It is a million dollar corporation running on the philosophy of delivering goods to every part of the part. They are the leading global provider of transportation and logistics. Let’s see how long does express shipping take in UPS.

UPS express shipping offers different time schedule to their customers according to their needs and requirement. They take around 1 to 5 days to deliver the goods to any part of the world normally and in case of urgency they provide the facility to send goods as early as possible.

TNT is one of the largest express shipping and logistic firm operating in UK. They run on the agenda of safe delivery of the parcel and freights to their customers on their doorsteps. They provide complete satisfaction to customers through their online information and tracking system. Let’s see their policy about how long does express shipping take in TNT.
They are one of the fastest shipment industries operating throughout. They deliver goods domestically throughout UK and other European country at each hour. Internationally they deliver the merchandises and freight within 24 hours. It is very difficult to deliver goods in a day in almost 60 and above countries, but TNT provides this quick service to their customers.

DHL is one of the largest express shipping companies operating in many parts of the world. They links around 220 countries worldwide and have diversified shipping methods including express, ocean and air freight, contract logistics solutions and international mail services. Let’s how long does express shipping take in DHL.

DHL express deliver goods domestically each day at 12 noon on their customer’s doorsteps while internationally they take little longer than the normal duration depending upon the location and the customer requirements. DHL also offers urgent delivery all over the world with some extra charges.