How Long Does Drivers Ed Take

Driving education is a formal education about driving and its related activities which allows individual to obtain learning license or permanent driving license of any particular state. Term drivers Ed is used specifically in United Stated for this type of education. Every country has different terms for such type of courses. Driver Ed gives citizen of US a complete knowledge about car, traffic rules, laws and operating vehicles. It allow individual to learn every aspect of driving in every condition including bad weather, road conditions and vehicle circumstances. It is mandatory for every citizen of US to pass this course to get permanent driving license. Every state of US has different driving schools which give education about driving and after the successful completion of course the person has been awarded with his driving license. Now the first question that comes into mind is how long does drivers Ed take and after how long driving license will be awarded.

Here are the details of some of the driver’s Ed courses offered in different states of United States which will give you the answer of how long does drivers Ed take.

Texas offers different yet easy driving courses which will give you learning permit and Texas driving license easily. The education course is short and easy. It consists of 10 modules which include 32 classroom hours and 14 practical hours which is also called as behind the car hour. To know how long does drivers Ed take in Texas, here is a simple answer. This course only takes 26 days, and after successful completion of 10 modules you will be allowed to drive the car in Texas with the learning permit. Final driving license will be given to you after the final test about the whole course which will include descriptive question as well as practical exam behind the car.

Florida offers you the driver ed course which will gives you the study of the transportation system of US, road signs, safety precautions, rules, accident avoidance strategy and making a smart choice behind the steering. It will enhance your road sense and gives you the hand on experience driving on the roads of Florida. Let’s see how long does drivers Ed take in Florida. The course is available 24/7 for the people and allows you to complete the course according to your convenience. The course can be completed within 18 weeks which means you can play the road of US in 4.5 months. The most important characteristic of Florida driver Ed is free of cost for the public; it does not even require any formality of registration and enrollment.

New York:
New York also offers the driver’s Ed course for people. Here is a brief detail about how long does drivers Ed take in New York. You have to complete at least 24 class hours and 24 behind the wheel hours to get permission to the driver through New York. It will provide you the complete training about the roads, car observation, car operations, car safety, drink and drive awareness, drug awareness and defensive driving.