How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The System

How long does alcohol stay in the system?

In order to determine and know the exact time span there are many factors that involves as to how long does alcohol stay in the system. On an average scale alcohol stays about for 24 hours after the consumption in the system. Then again it defers from person to person and also depends on the health condition of the person who has consumed alcohol as well as the amount of alcohol consumption. The exact time span of the alcohol lasting is also dependent on the kind of alcohol consumed. It differentiates because various drinks have varied percentages of pure alcohol levels in them. The actual procedure of alcohol entering in to our system after consumption would be it enters in to our epithelial layer of the skin and this layer is the closest to capillaries. And these are cells that get affected by the consumption of alcohol which then tend to interfere with our nervous system resulting in blurred vision and speech.

After a few minutes of consuming the alcohol, about 10 percent from the entire amount consumed remains in our stomach area of the body. How long does this 10 percent of alcohol remain in the body? This percentage of alcohol is mostly expelled out of the body through urine, saliva and sweat hence the more one sweats and urinates the faster it gets drained out of the system. The rest 90 percent of alcohol consumed starts to enter our small intestine, then into the pancreas and lastly the liver. How long does it take for the rest 90 percent to enter the small intestine? It takes about 20 to 30 minutes after consumption of the alcohol. At this point the entire rate of alcohol absorption entering in to our bloodstream will be in a much more rapid form than in the initial stages. How long does this entire process of expulsion take? This entire process of expelling alcohol out of the body takes around 24 hours again differs in case of excessive alcohol consumption. Though there are several ways of slowing down the level of alcohol into your system. Few would be by intake of food especially items which are rich in protein like for example cheese, any kind of meat or even peanuts while alcohol consumption, it not only helps in slowing down the alcohol levels entering your system but also has a positive impact on your state of mind by maintaining your consciousness in spite of consuming alcohol. Even during consuming alcohol one can gradually slow down the sips while drinking it, it slows down the entire procedure of alcohol entering in to our bloodstream which has a positive affect on the rush of alcohol. The other way to slow down the level of alcohol in your body is to maintain any sort of physical activity while consuming, like for instance choose to walk while consuming it instead of sitting. How long does it take to slow the affect of alcohol? It depends on the time duration and frequency of the physical activity.

Apart from this the main reason as How long does alcohol stay in the system depends on the health condition of the person consuming alcohol. It varies because with a person with a stronger metabolism and a healthy liver condition tends to have a stronger digestion while consuming alcohol. Any kind of physical activity post consumption may also help in expelling the alcohol out of your body through excessive sweating. Though having said that one can’t increase the rate that alcohol expels from the body but choosing to reduce the level of alcohol entering in to our system is quite possible and helpful.