How Long Does Adoption Take

How long does adoption take?

An answer to how long does adoption take also depends on the place you choose to adopt the child. Usually it takes around six to eights months for adopting a child. There are many processes through which a man and woman has to undergo in order to become adoptive parents. One needs to be assessed at every point to make sure that the parents are worthy of looking after the child. Hence how long does adoption take does not have a fixed answer.

The rules of adoption agency too decide on how long does adoption take. To become parents, one has to first apply for a child adoption. Thereafter, a lot of scrutiny is done on the background of the parents and the reason for adoption. To adopt a young child takes longer time than that of an older one. Moreover, how long does adoption take is linked to the number of people residing at the parents’ house. If it is a nuclear family, the verification process is completed in no time. But when there is a big family involved, it takes additional time to assess each one of the family members before the adoption is approved.

Government sanction is very important for adoption. Thus when there is a government which is laidback, how long does adoption take will have no deadline. Certain agencies require a rigorous enquiry into the adopters’ life. The parents must have a decent home to live in. they must be able to sustain their livelihood and only then can they ensure that the adoptive child may survive with them. Of course the parents must be devoid of any criminal activities.

The criteria for adoption do not rest on the marital status of a person. As long as one meets the requirements of the agency, one can be given a green signal. After the agency approves of the adopters, how long does adoption take rests on the judgment of the court. Before the matter is taken to the court, the adopters are also given counseling to help them get educated on the responsibilities and duties that will be shouldered upon them.
Adoption is not an easy thing. If the adopters can get references from worthy people, their job becomes easier. In fact, it is really important to know entirely about the adopters as it is the life of a child in question. One can either make it or break it. The child at the adoption agency receives all the benefits; hence when he/she wants to be adopted, it must be guaranteed that those benefits are availed to the child after he/she is taken away from the agency.

The court, therefore, holds its inquiry and thereafter how long does adoption take is understood when the responsibility of the child is entrusted with the adopters on the court’s order. How long does adoption take is divided into parts. The first one about getting approved is estimated to be around eight months at the least. After that getting the suitable child may take from weeks to up to a year. On deciding upon the child, he/she is made to live with the adopters under inspection for almost thirteen weeks. The last part is the court’s issue of the adoption order. To count it all, how long does adoption take is from six months to around a year and a half’s time.