How Long Does A Divorce Take

How long does a divorce take?

How long does a divorce take is not such an easy question to answer. If you are going to need a lawyer and if you and your once significant other do not agree on a number of things before hand it’s going to make getting a divorce a long, drawn out process.

If the two of you agree on getting a divorce and agree to all the terms, you’re going to have to start by filing the paperwork then waiting for the judge to sign the document saying you are divorced. This alone can take up to six weeks to six months. If one or the other decides that they don’t agree with the dividing of the assets and debts in a certain way, or the support for the children and respective spouse, you both can go back and forth arguing any of these points until you both agree to a compromise and are happy with it. In some cases you may not even be able to come to agreement, in which case you leave the court to decide, increasing the time significantly in some cases.

Annulments can be quicker to get than a divorce. If the two parties agree that the marriage never happened, it’s easier to get out of but there must be a legal defect with the marriage. If you have ever heard of a no fault divorce, one spouse needs to have a powerful reason in the courts eyes, such as domestic abuse, or irreconcilable differences. If you want to go this route it may take several years. The couple has to live apart for some months or even years to get a no fault divorce.

How long does a divorce take with a legal separation and one partner getting custody of the children and their partner having to live elsewhere and pay alimony for the children and their spouse? This can work faster than a divorce but again both couples have to agree on everything to do this so in the end it will be up to the both of you. Where you live is also going to play an important role with your divorce. Some states have waiting periods that are mandatory, while other heavily favor the female over the male, or viva-versa. It’s worth noting that most of the states have a waiting period due to the fact that the couple may decide against the divorce and want to go into family counseling and try to reconcile their differences which can work if both parties don’t want to leave one another and both are willing to give their marriage a second chance.

If you are in a marriage and during your marriage you both bought a business, have a summer home in another country, and have any other assets of this magnitude you are going to need a lawyer that can sift through all this complexity and be guaranteed, this is going to take long to decide upon and divide between the two of you.

To get an actual answer to how long does a divorce take is going to depend on the two of you and what sort of an agreement you can make. It’s not that easy to get a divorce and it can be very painful to most but if this is the way to go for the both of you and at times it is, then you must choose divorce.

How long does a divorce take? It’s anyone’s guess would be the right answer to this question as there is no specific time period, however if you both are civil towards one another it will take much less time.