How Long Does Mail Take

How Long Does Mail Take?

Most consider that using the United States Postal System (USPS) is the most convenient way in America for the mailing of all sizes and shapes of letters and packages. Deciding on the best shipping option can be a little confusing. There are shipping choices that vary from overnight to over one week for delivery. The best method for an individual depends on how fast the mail must reach its destination. Five major options are listed below.

1. How long does mail take? – First Class
When mailing envelops and small packages weighing 13 oz or less First Class Mail is the most economical shipping option. The deliver schedule for First Class Mail is two to three days within the United States. To send this type of mail outside of the country the USPS offers two shipping options depending on the mailer’s desire. The first option is International Priority Mail, with an individual package limited to 4 lbs, and it will be delivered in three to seven days. The second option is International Surface Airlift, with no pre-determined weight limit and delivery can be expected in seven to fourteen days.

2. How long does mail take? – Priority Mail
Mailing of letters, documents and packages using the Priority Mail option delivers in the United States in two to three days. Priority Mail has three options that keep to the two to three day allowance for delivery in America. The first option is regular Priority Mail where the mail is weighed and postage is calculated by a USPS weight rate scale. The second option is Priority Mail Flat Rate where there is no weighing of envelopes or packages but does have a weight limit of 70 lbs. The third option is Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate where there is no weighing of packages that have less than 70 lbs total weight. This option guarantees that the price will not increase no matter how long an individual waits before using the prepaid shipping package. There is a fourth option, Forever Priority Mail, which is only available for use within the United States and for domestic and overseas military addresses. This option is not available for regular international shipping.

Priority Mail intended for foreign countries has two options available. The first option is regular Priority Mail International that ships packages up to a 70 lb weight limit with a fee determined by the USPS weight rate scale. The delivery scheduled is six to ten business days. The second option is Priority Mail International Flat Rate that ships packages up to 12 ¼” X 12 ¼” X 6” in size with a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs and has a delivery schedule of six to ten business days.

3. How long does mail take? – Express Mail
Within the United States Express Mail is delivered on a schedule of overnight to a 24 hour period from the time of mailing. The two options are: (a) Regular Express Mail that costs by the total weight and (b) Express Mail Flat Rate for a maximum content size of 11 ¼” X 8 ¾” X 6” and a weight limit of 70 lbs for one firm price. For the use of Express Mail International when shipping to a foreign country the delivery time is three to five business days. Also, overseas use of Express Mail International Flat Rate packages have a 20 lb maximum weight limit but the delivery time is still three to five business days.

4. How long does mail take? – Parcel Post
Parcel Post is a ground delivery service for larger packages that exceed the limits imposed on Priority Mail and Express Mail packages. Parcel Post accepts packages up to a total measurement of 130” which is the combined height and width of the container. Within the United States delivery time is two to eight days. As with First Class Mail, Parcel Post delivers outside of the country by use of International Priority Mail and International Surface Airlift. The method of mailing and the delivery system within the destination country will determine the length of time required for international delivery.

5. How long does mail take? – Media Mail
Media Mail in the United States is the lowest cost option of sending printed materials, CDs or DVDs. This method does not permit any personal letters or communications and the delivery schedule is two to 8 days. Mailing printed materials overseas uses an option called Airmail M-Bags with an 11 lb minimum and a 66 lb maximum per bag with a customs declaration attached. The delivery schedule is seven to fourteen days.

When wondering how many days mail takes to get from Point A to Point B, there are several factors that need to be answered first. Is it a box or an envelop that is being mailed? How urgent is the mail? Does it need to be at its destination rapidly or will a few days be alright? Is the mail remaining in the United States or going to a foreign country? More considerations may be added depending on the mailer’s choice. Once the mailing option is decided a person will have a realistic answer to: How long does mail take.

How Long Does Mail Take

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    I have been expecting a piece of first class mail that was mailed from a post office 2.5 miles from my home. I’ve been waiting for 7 days. I’ve mailed things to my parents across the country and they’ve gotten it in two days. No wonder people are using UPS and FedEx more often.

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      things can take even longer with ups/fed ex…and you do know ups/fed ex USE usps to move their mail…at MUCH higher prices, right?

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