How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Pain Last

Wisdom teeth are also referred to as the third molars as they appear behind the sets of two normal molar teeth at the very back of the jaw. When the human being reach the mature age of 18 to 25, this set of teeth start to crown being the last set of teeth to appear to form the 32 members of the jaw family. But the price you have to pay to get the wisdom teeth to grow out is in the form of immense pain. And how long does wisdom teeth pain last? Read on to find that out!

First of all it should be made clear that not all wisdom teeth make the person go through immense pain. Many cases have been filed when there was no pain while the wisdom teeth were coming through. And then did help a lot in the lives of people, lasting for the entire lifetime when kept clean and in order like rest of the jaw. Also, if you are very keen and regular with your dentist appointments then there will be a definite reduction in the time of how long does wisdom teeth pain last. By the time wisdom teeth are ready to grow there is no space left in the jaw for them to appear outside completely so only a part of the teeth is able to come through the jaw. This type of half grown wisdom teeth is referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.

Whereas the impacted wisdom teeth are no problem if kept in good condition, but once they start to create problems, you will be restless for a long period of time. There are many problems that can happen with the wisdom teeth. Decay is one of the main factors. The wisdom teeth are located in the back of the mouth where it is hard to clean. This ends up in plaque getting stuck on the teeth resulting in decay of the teeth. With this issue it is difficult to determine how long does wisdom teeth pain last. The most problematic thing about wisdom teeth is that since they are at such an inconvenient place you cannot even get them fixed by dentists.

Next the wisdom teeth are also susceptible to infections. There if almost every time a flap of gum over the impacted wisdom teeth which can get chronically infected causing flared up-ness of the gum causing it to get swollen and painful. How long does wisdom teeth pain last depends on the infection and flaring of the gums. It can give off foul order, gross taste and puss which are combined with pain of swelling causing infection in the entire mouth. There are antibiotics available now to deal with the infection but before the times of antibiotics, the infection of wisdom tooth was often fatal.

The time of how long does wisdom teeth pain last is the entire time that the teeth take to grow; which can be few weeks. But if you have decided to extract the wisdom teeth out then the pain of that procedure will take lesser time. Usually the time it takes for the dentist to extract out the wisdom teeth is 45 minutes to an hour and the pain that the teeth will leave will take few weeks. So be prepared for discomfort of few weeks in either condition.